Welcome to Mountain Prairie Farm!

We are a tiny, family enterprise snuggled into the Northern Rocky Mountains of Montana. Founded in 2017, Mountain Prairie Farm specializes in growing fragrant, romantic blooms, and supplies seasonal, fresh cut flowers to the many farmers markets in the upper Flathead Valley. Mountain Prairie Farm offers both elegant and rustic floral options which varies with the seasons and have a touch of the wild.

We like old dreamy varieties loved by our grandmothers and not often found in florist shops; sweet peas, dahlias, sunflowers and zinnias are favorites. Our flowers are started from seed, bulb or tuber and are nurtured in the field until they are harvested at their prime for our valued customers. Our flowers are never treated with harmful chemicals, so even baby faces can plunge into bouquets for a big whiff without fear. We are proud to be a part of the seasonal flower movement. Our flowers are available from mid- June until frost.