My husband kidnapped me yesterday.


He warned me that he was going to snatch me away from the farm sometime this week.

Sometime this week was yesterday.



I was not exactly excited when he told me to finish up what I was doing because he wanted to treat me to a drive into the mountains and maybe lunch. I smiled sweetly and said “ok….it’ll only be a moment more”…. but in my heart I was gritting my teeth.

I’m not very good at relaxing.

I dragged my feet. I made excuses why it wasn’t the “best” day to play hooky. I was a bit argumentative …..(I’m not proud of that) so maybe he’d change his mind. (Maybe I’m not worthy of a treat after all?)


But what I fool I am!


We had a wonderful long drive in the mountains…….


through snow squalls……..

IMG_1442 over rivers, around peaks, listening to quiet jazz on the radio…..


Just the two of us.


And we stopped for lunch, too!


We had a lovely time.


I can’t wait for our next day of hooky.


Maybe next time I won’t be so prickly.

Daily count: 37 47 eggs,  3.5 gallons of milk





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