Seed starting

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI usually start seeds indoors over spring break.

There have been years when I’ve started earlier but by the time it has warmed up enough to plant in the garden, the early started plantlings are leggy and aren’t very healthy or productive.

This year I’m going to try using these peat pots. (They look like brownies, huh?)


When the little plants are large and ready for transplanting, supposedly I just drop the whole plantling, peat pot and all, either into the garden soil directly or into the next larger pot: no fuss, no muss.

REALLY dark pic……sorry

We’ll see. It’s definitely easier than my usual activities to start seeds. But the proof is in the brownies….or in the pudding.

Pepper peat pots and ‘mater peat pots…kinda pretty all standing in a row

We’ll watch how this works over the next couple of weeks.



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