Potatoes, Pork and ‘Kraut

Even though we strive to eat food produced from our own farm, it’s rare this time of year that we can actually eat a full meal completely void of grocery store fare. But tonight we are eating a recipe that was passed down to me from the wonderful old gentleman who also gave me our first red potato seed.

This is not really a new recipe but it’s new to our family and oooohhhh so good!



Short ribs from our pork
1/2 gallon of sauerkraut from last year’s cabbage
German butterball potatoes

Potatoes, Pork and ‘Kraut ….to die for…..

3 pounds pork ribs or roast

1/4 gallon sauerkraut

2-3 pounds potatoes

4 cups of water


Layer all these most amazing ingredients into your favorite pot and place over a hot fire. (I usually put the meat on the bottom) Get that baby boiling until you can smell the wonderful aroma of the kraut tickling your nose hairs. Then turn the heat down to a simmer. Simmer until all the veggies are soft and are fall apart good.

Serve with a large spoon, not a slotted spoon. You’ll want to get all the juices together on your plate. Your mouth will thank you.

Today’s count: eggs 54,  3 gallons of milk.





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