Little greenhouses

Do you remember these little peat pots?

They looked like brownies a week ago?

(I don’t usually go with peat. Partly because one of my sweet kids is named Pete and planting in something the same name as one of my children seems wrong. And partly because they are a bit limiting. I’ll show you my “usual” planting technique tomorrow. It’s revolutionary so you’ll want to tune in: same bat time, same bat station.)


Anyway. I planted some cruciferous (IE: cabbage, cauliflower and some broccoli) in one little flat brownie greenhouse. And tomatoes and peppers in the other little flat brownie greenhouse. Then put them on the windowsill in a south facing room in my house.


And you can see that the cool weather loving cruciferous (what’s the plural of cruciferous? cruciferi?) is (are?) loving my peat pots! They germinated with their happy little faces in 3 days!


Look! She’s smiling at me!!



But you can also see that the little flat, brownie greenhouse with tomatoes and peppers isn’t that far along yet. Even in the house, the windowsill is still too chilly at night. So I guess these warm loving plants are going to be slow germinating. That’s ok. It’s still too early to plant out in the true dirt.





I’ll just cover them up and let them wake up when they are ready.




Today’s count:    23  eggs,  2 gallons milk


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Flowers make people happy!

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