Propagating Cabbage Babies

This is a head of cabbage disguised as an alien.



This is what we have after a winter of storage. A head of cabbage with dead leaves around the body and small cabbage plants trying to start families of their own.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to save seeds from our own cabbage plants mostly because I’m kind of a control freak (and that’s breaking news for those who know me- HA!). I’d like to learn how to propagate the food we eat from seed to harvest back to seed again. Cabbage is one of those veggies that makes seed the second year. So you have to hold over a couple of heads through winter. Research from the web indicates that I should just plant this alien looking thing and it should send up a stalk that should then flower and produce seeds. Usually this time of year the garden is still pretty inhospitable (read: too dang cold) for even these cold loving cabbages. So I’m going to plant this old head in a tub ‘o soil and see what happens.


We have LOTS of these white plastic tubs laying around. I’m not sure where they came from (not), they just appeared in our garage and continue to multiply. I’m not a great fan of plastic for long term storage, but these buckets really come in handy around the farm, especially if it has a handle.


So I pound a couple of holes in the bottom of the pail with my handy- dandy high tech hole maker.

And add some soil (this one has the fertilizer mixed in it already. I usually like organic fertilizer but it was on sale this past fall and it’s nice to have a few bags of dirt in your garage over winter for any “interesting” projects that call to you when there’s still snow on the ground).


I’m not sure if I should plant the cabbage with the old head sticking up out of the soil or just babies sticking out and the old head buried. I couldn’t find a lot of info about which way would be most successful to produce seeds. But it looks better to have the little plants sticking out.





Now doesn’t that dirty old white plastic bucket full of cabbage babies look good on our front porch?


I’ll let you know how it goes.



Today’s count:    15  53 eggs,   2 gallons of milk- Maggie had the rest. She’s getting big!   And she stealing all my cream~ the poop head! 🙂

High this afternoon: 72.1,  low this morning: 32.2

Severe clear, light breeze out of the south.

PS:  I think I’m gonna start adding the high/ low temperatures of the day too. And maybe the weather (IE: sunny, cloudy, snowing….again). It’s good to have that kind of documentation for next year’s garden. 


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