Smells like summer in here

Doesn’t basil smell like summer?


Here are 3 basil plants that I saved from winter’s grip by potting them up from our last year’s garden…..well, that’s not entirely true. I have not been able to actually grow basil in my garden. I have not successfully grown basil anywhere close to the garden, only in pots on my front porch.

I feel like such a failure!

Now don’t get me wrong; basil in pots is a wonderful thing. But any farmer/ gardener worth their salt (or seed) should be able to grow basil IN the garden. Big beautiful basil plants worthy of pesto! Now that’s what I want.

So in search of a basil plant tough enough to grow in my garden, I ripped carefully dug up the few small plants I had growing in pots on my porch and they have stoically lived on my south facing window sill since last September!


As you can tell from this picture, some of the basil is doing marvelous and some of the plants- not so much. We’ve been eating off of it pretty hard (think: chicken and basil sandwiches for high school boy’s lunches, pasta with creamed basil suppers….. you get the idea). We do have a tiny bit of basil pesto in the freezer and we use that too, but there’s just something that says “summer” about basil. So it’s been a pleasure to have a few fresh basil leaves here and there.


This basil is either old enough to flower out or it’s been stressed enough to flower out. All I know is if I have a vegetable sturdy enough to try and make babies by flowering in a 6″ pot sitting on a chilly window sill all winter long~ well then, that’s a pretty tough pot ‘o basil!

I need some of that tough stuff!


A very blurry basil flower.




Do you see the rather large black cluster of basil seed in the middle of the picture? I want that!

Can’t wait til there’s more to be had! When all the small white basil flowers have made seeds, I will have the toughest Montana seed known to modern man and woman! And just maybe these seeds will be tough enough to produce basil plants in my garden instead of just in pots on my porch. I can’t wait!



On another tiny note.

The first dandelions are starting to show their pretty faces.

I am thrilled at this discovery! That means spring is REALLY here…..not just faking it with another snow storm around the corner!

Others in my house…..not so excited. My husband sees dandelions as a slap to his manly ability to have a lawn like a golf course. He, therefore, is not pleased to see the these sweet little harbingers of spring.


And on another- another note:

Look who decided to wake up?! Tomato seedlings!


Aren’t they pretty?


PS: I haven’t forgotten to talk about my ultimate, cheap way to start seeds inside. I just have a couple more things to do before we go there. Tomorrow’s a good example: weaning the sweet little fatties!


Today’s count:   52 eggs, 2 gallons milk

Today’s low temp: 30 degrees, high: 74! (I think this was a record!)

Mostly sunny, west wind 9 to 16 mph, with gusts as high as 22 mph. These “gusts” nearly knocked my muck boots off!










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Flowers make people happy!

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