A sandwich fit for a farm king

Now that St. Patrick Day is over, corned beef has been on sale for about $3/ lb. That’s a pretty good price since it’s boneless and already processed for me and full of nitrates and stuff.

It’s also the main ingredient for Reuben sandwiches. And my family LOVES Reuben sandwiches. (Except for one son who could honestly eat hamburgers every meal if I let him. Or he would eat hamburgers everyday if we had a million dollars. Or if we owned lots of cows. But we only own one large cow with a large milking apparatus and a small calf with no large anything.) So I took advantage of the sale and bought a few for the freezer.

One day last week I plopped a frozen pink rock that was corned beef into the crock pot and set the temperature on low until the house was enveloped in the heavenly aroma of corned beef, onions and spices. Mmmmmm. Reuben sandwiches for lunch today! (Sorry, Luke. But we had hamburgers yesterday.)

A juicy jar of homemade ‘kraut, dark rye bread, a thick slice of cheddar (alas, no Swiss in our refrigerator this day) and a few slices of slow cooked corned beef…..



all piled…..




on top of each other…..



a thick swipe of sharp, stone ground mustard on one side and mayo on the other…..


Now that’s a meal worthy of hard working farm boys.



Today’s count:  38 eggs,     3 gals milk

Weather: Scattered showers. Cloudy, with a steady temperature around 61. Southwest wind around 17 mph, with gusts as high as 24 mph. Off and on showers. Low this morning was 33 because of cloud cover, I think.

Scalloped ham and potatoes for supper. Mmmmm. Comfort food rules.



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