Maggie is 4 months now and turning into a very well mannered young lady. She has her moments of wildness as all teenagers might. I don’t know if cows try to please people the way dogs try to please, but she definitely seems to be trying. Maybe she just really wants the treat at the end of the lesson. Well, that’s ok too. She actually leads pretty well. But putting a halter on her head is sometimes a rodeo! Then I was reading a blog where the milk cow “offered her head for the halter”.

Hmmmmm. “Offers her head for the halter”. We can do that!

So Maggie and I have been practicing.


I use one of those soft sliding halters that  can enlargen (is that a word?) or become smaller is adjustable. It’s perfect because it grows with the calf. Anyway, I open the loop wide so her head can easily slip through and let her get a whiff of my hand where I have some small bits of apple (sorry for the blurry pics. She’s pretty fidgety anyway and add a rope halter and a camera, and well, you get blurriness)


Then she gets a tiny lick of the apple.


Then I quickly slip the muzzle part over her nose and voila! The halter is in place! Without the rodeo! Yippee!


The blurry calf has “offered her head for the halter”!

Makes a momma proud!



Today’s count:  41 eggs, 2 gallons of milk

Weather: low: 37  Sunny, with a high near 85~ well, we’ll see if it makes it to 85. That’s pretty hot for this time of year! It is VERY dry. The moisture molecules are leaping from my mouth and eyes as I type. We need rain.

Supper tonight: Ham and cheese omelettes! Yay!


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