I’ve Got Mail!

Look what came in the mail! For ME!

Onion sets!



These came from Dixondale Farms in Carrizo Springs, TX. I actually have known about Dixondale Farms and their wonderful onions for years because I used to live in Texas! And every good Texas gardener knows about Dixondale onions! It just never occurred to me to order onion sets for me here in Montana from Texas through Dixondale Farms! It NEVER occured to me that I could just call them up. I talked to a very nice lady who now thinks I’m a goofball because IT NEVER OCCURRED TO ME THAT I COULD HAVE TEXAS ONIONS HERE IN MONTANA and I was VERY excited on the phone! I got the idea from Herrick Kimball from his website the Delibeate Agrarian. He talkes about Dixondale Farms here:  http://thedeliberateagrarian.blogspot.com/2016/01/growing-onion-sets-ongoing-experiment.html


Every year we easily eat #50 of onions. They are actually pretty inexpensive when you buy them in a #50 sack. But we’re trying to grow the food we eat. And onions are easy to grow from little green sets. I have tried to grow onions from seed. Growing them from seed is an ongoing project that has not been successful….yet. And though some farmers/ gardeners rave about the bulb type of onion that come in little mesh bags (they start off as a tiny little onion bulb), I have tried them with very limited success. We have several types of green onion sets available to us at the plant nurseries around here but most of what’s offered is a short term storage variety. After a little research, I determined that Corpra is our best option for long term storage. And Redwing is my second best option. And guess what?

Dixondale Farms has both!

And they sent me some!!!

What a lucky girl I am!!!!!


Guess what I’m doing today!!!!

Today’s count: 0 eggs, 2 gallons milk

Weather: Sunny, with a high near 76. Light and variable wind out of the south. Low’s in the high 30’s.

What’s for supper: Chicken and mushrooms with Balsamic vinegar and rice



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