Up and at ’em this morning!

I’m moving our tiny herd over one length to new pasture today. So I’m up quickly to reposition the fence before milking. It’s really not that early- 8:00. But the fence building is a bit noisy and since we live in a flat little valley bordered by trees, sound carries pretty far. And the weather is nice so I’m sure our neighbor’s windows are open (ours are). AND I don’t want everyone mad at me because I’m making noise early on a Saturday morning. SO I waited ’til 8 to start banging away at the fence.

Ok. It’s off to the fence.  More later…


So here we are after moving the sweet cows to the new fenced area. They both have their heads plunged into the thick grass, quietly eating. Step, chew, step, chew.

The chicken coop is a different story altogether. There’s lots of talking and chatting among the hens. I can completely understand the simile of chatting women gathered together as hens.




We have several hens sitting on eggs. I love the Buff Orpington and the Black Austrolorp breeds of chicken because they tend to go broody. So we have a couple of Orpingtons and a couple of Black Austrolorps and all have decided to try and raise a family. They each have about 5 eggs a piece under them. And of course, all of the other hens want to lay their own eggs in the same box as the setting hens. (We have about 18 laying boxes but only 6 or 7 are used by all 50 hens. 6 or 7! These must be sp-e-cial boxes!)


It can get very crowded in the special boxes. And lots of eggs are laid (is it “laid” or “layed”?)among the eggs that are going to hatch next week. Sooooo, I risk life and limb to gently search under these big fluffy bottoms for eggs that were laid/ layed today. (Most of the hens are pretty laid/ layed back so I can retrieve the eggs without risking my hand becoming a bloody hen pecked stump.) The hens have the perfect combination of humidity and temperature for hatching eggs under those copious feathers. And I am in awe that we have many perfect incubators this year. But I’ll have to tell you, it’s kinda gross to put my hand under there. It’s warm and, well, damp. And now that the hens have been laying on the eggs for 15 days, it’s just a bit smelly. Perfect for eggs, mind you. But my hand comes away a little sticky and stinky when I search for eggs. Bleck.

But look what the reward is!

Glorious little globes of protein goodness!

Yay! (Just don’t get your nose too close to my hand…..pee-yew!)





Today’s count: 46 eggs, 2.5 gallons milk

What’s for supper: Fast food for the boys (bleck) and the girls (that’s my daughter and me) went to a baby shower and had girl food. 🙂

Weather: A 20 percent chance of showers. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 62. East wind 9 to 11 mph. Tonight a 20 percent chance of showers after midnight. Partly cloudy, with a low around 36. Northeast wind 8 to 15 mph, with gusts as high as 21 mph.

Winds still out of the east. Did you see the lows tonight? 36!

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