Milking schedule~ no more sleeping in!


I had been milking on a 10/ 14 hour schedule since December when Maggie was born. I guess a lot of milk cow owners milk on a 6a- 6p schedule.

But not me.

I’m a baby. It’s cold and dark here on the bald, neeked (that’s “naked” to all those who aren’t from the south) prairie in the dead of winter. So two weeks after the calf was born, I transition Maisy over to milking at 9 am and 7 pm. There were no issues with the change in milking hours: Maisy’s udder didn’t suffer and the calf was fat and sassy. And because it was 9 am instead of 6 am~ it was warmer and lighter and I was awake-r. We were all happy.

Fast forward and here we are in May. And it’s already light at 6 am here at 48 degrees north (actually we are at 48.41 but that last .41 probably doesn’t give me anymore time with my pillow. Drat the luck!)

No more excuses! I’m only milking once a day now and the cows could really benefit from more hours on our green pastures. NO MORE SLEEPING IN!

So I’m out to the big red barn at 6-ish milking. Then we walk, one at a time~ someone, I won’t mention names~ is still a bit of a rodeo princess on the lead when we walk together to our adjacent pastures.  But Maisy had the routine down once we practiced a couple of times.


She’s pretty head strong on a lead, but she herds well. Plus once we get to our fields, she gets a bit of a treat for incentive. And we all know how girlfriend likes her treats!

Look at that swagger! She’s knows she’s all that and a bag of chips!

Then when Maisy has her head all tucked into the grass, I walk the  rodeo princess Maggie over to join her momma. Then they are happy.



Maggie doesn’t even nurse too too much any more. Maisy has just about completely weaned her. Which is a-mazing! I was trying to trouble-shoot how we were going to separate the two for weaning. But Maisy took care of it. Maggie is really a big fatty anyway. She’s been eating grass for weeks. It just took some ” motivation” for her to decide to she didn’t want to nurse anymore.


At just about sunset, which is about 9:30- 9:45-ish we saddle up and head back to the barn for the night; the same sequence of events, just backwards: Maisy first, then the princess.

The cows have about 15 hours on pasture.

And since Maggie is not nursing anymore, all that wonderful milk is mine!

MINE, I say!!! Bwahahaa!

Well, mine and Rachael’s and Luke’s and Daniel’s and Tim’s ……you get the picture!




Today’s count: 42 eggs, 1.5 gallons of milk

What’s for supper: pork roast (yes, again!), cucumbers with homemade ranch dressing and oven baked potatoes. And maybe applesauce. It depends on when I get out of the yard (IE: if I have enough time)

Weather: Scattered showers. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 65. South wind 3 to 8 mph. Chance of precipitation is 40%. Tonight a 30 percent chance of showers, mainly before midnight. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 42. Southwest wind 3 to 7 mph.

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