I have a secret


I LOVE mowing the lawn….

But don’t tell anyone. Especially my boys. If they know how much I like to mow, I might not ever get to leave the yard.


I love starting with a mess. Dandelions. Crab grass. Weeds of all sorts.

Then with a little bit of time and some elbow grease~ or in this case a red lawn mower, it looks like this:


Aaaahhhhh. Nice. Verdant. Smooth. Like a golf course. But with chickens. And sometimes pigs.

The chickens love it when the grass is just mowed. They find all sorts of tidbits to nibble on (can chickens nibble?).

Look at that rooster. See that fierce expression? He’s watchen’ over his wimen folk.


Tomorrow I’ll weed-eat the whole property and clean things up a bit. It looks like I’m not going to have time to weed-eat today. Big rain drops were starting as I took that last lap with the mower.


We moved the cows today. This next section of pasture in the rotation is a little closer to the house. It’s kind of weird to see them grazing from the kitchen window but nice. I love to have my milk machine close to home.

SAM_4706.JPGThe chick babies that started in the garage a month ago have been living in the chicken coop with the big girls for about a week. They are getting so big! They’ll be driving and going out with roosters and laying eggs before we know it. They grow up so fast!


The piglets are growing like lightening too.

They aught to be! They eat ALL THE TIME! It’s like feeding 5 teenage boys on steroids! (Sorry Luke and Daniel. I didn’t mean that. The piglets eat WAY more that you guys do and their manners are MUCH WORSE. Well, maybe not MUCH worse.)

I’m not sure when to start calling them “pigs” instead of piglets. I think they’ll always be “piglets” to me.

SAM_4716.JPGLook at these sweet fatties. They are imploring me with squeaks and squeals. They are trying to tell me how starving they are. And how mean I am to only feed them twice a day instead of 43 times a day like piglets should be fed. It’s abuse they say, ABUSE!

They are so hungry I see tear drops forming on their cheeks.

Oh, never mind. It’s just raining again.



Today’s count: 44 eggs, 2.5 gallons milk

What’s for supper: LEFT OVERS! YAY! Chipped pork in gravy over mashed potatoes and Swiss chard.

Weather: Sunny, with a high near 70. East southeast wind around 6 mph becoming northeast in the morning. Tonight partly cloudy, with a low around 38. West wind 5 to 13 mph becoming south southeast after midnight.

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