But, baby, it’s hot outside.

It’s pretty hot here.

The forecast is for temps to reach 90-ish. These high temps are unusual for NW Montana in the beginning part of June.

We don’t have air conditioning.

(And I am whining. I am a baby. I used to be tough. When I lived in Texas. But~ no more.

Don’t tell my Texas family that I am whining. 90 degrees in June is normal for them and I don’t hear any of them whining!

At least I can break out the shorts now.

And show off my white- whale thighs. It’s a sight to behold. Thar she blows! And, no, I don’t have any pictures. Thank you for asking.)


But high daytime heat does mean we throw open all the doors and windows in the morning to try and capture the coolness. Then I watch the thermometer closely so that when the outside temperature is greater or equal to the inside temperature, we close up the house and draw the blinds.

Right now it’s 89.999999 degrees out side.

And it’s only 1:40 pm. Hmmmmm. I think it might break the 90 degree forecast. Yup. I think that’s a fer sure thing.


The animals are smart about the hot temps.

Every one moves at a slower pace. Maggie hides in the long, cool grass. This helps combat the heat and the flies.

Maisy found the place in the pasture with the longest grass and nestled into it.


We have to be diligent in keeping the waterers filled to the brim at all times.


The chickens are hiding in the cool coop.


I was worried about my sweet girls. I just couldn’t believe that that coop could be anything but blistering hot. So I made a quick run out there a few minutes ago (not really “a run”~ more like a slow saunter) to see how hot it must be and try and make accommodations for our sweet chickens. But to my surprise, it’s really nice out there. The westerly breeze is lilting through the coop door keeping the temps at a nice 80-ish degrees. I think. I didn’t actually measure the temp. It just FEELS like the 80’s. Ya know. Cool-er than 90’s

So we might even drag the dining table out to the coop for supper!

Like they did in Under the Tuscan Sun. Well, they didn’t actually move the table into the chicken coop. Just into the yard. But, hey, man, we could do that!

We could be Under the Montana Hot, Dry, Blistering Sun!  And I could paint the basement all Tuscan colors. And we could eat homemade pizza everyday!

But I digress……



The dogs have placed themselves right in front of the floor fan.


Not too much suffering going on here.



Joey: “Somebody throw a ball into the river so I can fetch it for you.”






We supposed to have more “normal” temperatures by the end of the week. Like in the 70’s.

I’m a baby.

But I can’t wait.



Today’s count: 34 eggs (I expect the girls to lay off the eggs a bit until it cools down); 2 gallons of milk (bless Maisy’s heart)

What’s for supper: curry chicken, veggies and rice in a tortilla (when I saw the forecast, I quickly whipped up the chicken and made the tortillas before it got too hot in the kitchen. And when I say “quickly” I mean quickly. As in almost too quick for pictures! Well, almost too quick for pictures.)

Weather: Sunny, with a high near 90. South southeast wind 5 to 7 mph. Tonight mostly clear, with a low around 55. Southeast wind around 5 mph becoming calm after midnight.

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