Tortillas, Montana style

There are LOTS of tortilla recipes out in cyber space. I’ve tried them all. So let me give you the benefit of my experience. Use this recipe. It’s a good one.

AND since I’ve tried them all, I can’t tell you where I got this particular recipe. I didn’t make it up. I just adapted one of the ones that almost worked and came up with the one that did work. Nothing fancy. It’s just good.


3 cups all purpose flour (I’m trying whole wheat next time)


Whew! That bowl is really green! (I almost typed “bowel” instead of bowl”. Ha! It’s the nurse in me talking ….or typing.)

Many recipes use Crisco (bleck) for this next step but please, I beg of you, use a food group instead. Use butter or lard or, as I did, oil. Just please, don’t use the conglomeration-of-chemicals-that-have-actually-not-one-portion-of-food-matter-called Crisco. (K. no more soap box)

1/3 cup fat, a cup of warm water and a quick shake of salt and mix.

The batter will be sticky. You can use the mixer if you want to. But it’s just something else to clean. I usually just use a big sturdy spoon.


Some recipes call for baking powder but I find it makes the tortillas too fluffy. Some like fluffy tortillas. But I like them flaaaaattttt. It holds the goodies better. That’s just my little opinion. Do what feels right for you.

I have used this recipe with baking powder to make pita bread. Pita bread can be fluffy. Fluffiness is part of a pita’s nature.


Dust the rolling surface with more flour and pull off a fist sized portion of dough.

Now this is the hard part for me.

Flatten it out with a rolling pin.

Make your tortilla very flat. (I have no idea how flat it needs to be. 1/2 inches? 8/9 inches? 1/100th of an inch? I’m spatially challenged so I can’t tell you how flat to make these babies. Just flatten it out so you can still work with the tortilla….. but not too flat or the tortilla falls apart when you move it to the skillet. Clear? NO? Just play with the thickness. You’ll get it the more you make these.


While you are playing with your dough, get your skillet piping hot. Then toss the flattened dough onto the dry skillet. That’s right. Dry. No, not even butter (I don’t think I’ve ever said that before~ no butter).

Let the tortilla bubble and brown on each side~ about 2-3 minutes per side. Your kitchen will turn into a small Hispanic bistro before your very eyes with the aroma of your homemade tortillas. This recipe should make between 6 and 8 tortillas depending on how large you make them. This is a nice stack of 8.

Savor the goodness of homemade……




Oops. One of these is a little too thick. I’d better get this one out of here before the kids get home and discover it’s unacceptable thickness.


It’s a good thing I’m providing quality control. Must protect those I love from thick tortillas. It’s what mom’s do. No need to thank me. It’s part of the job.


A little scoop of curried chicken and rice and veggies…….

Yum. Mmmmm. Delish!


And in a mere 15 minutes from start to finish: a stack of delectable homemade tortillas!

Just like in a restaurant……but better! And since I live out on the bald, neeked prairie, it would have taken me longer to drive into town to purchase tortillas than it did to make these babies. Yay!


The clean up will take longer than the making of the tortillas! I’m a really messy cook.


And let’s not discuss the floor.





Today’s count: 23  38  eggs, 2 gallons of milk

What’s for supper: homemade pizza!

Weather: Sunny, with a high near 91. Calm wind becoming southwest 5 to 7 mph in the afternoon.Tonight mostly clear, with a low around 56. West wind 5 to 9 mph becoming calm after midnight.

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