Whew….back online again…..I hope :)

Between the hectic work on the farm and computer issues, I have not been able to post even the tiniest word. It’s been quite the frustrating technical journey, which I’m sure is not over, but just smoothed out for the time being. But I’m thankful for what we have and we have both internet connection and a working computer at the same time! So here we go!

The pigs have grown significantly in the last several weeks. I’m sure they are in the #120-150 range. Our 4H leader should be at the farm the day after tomorrow for a form check and a weigh in. So we’ll have an accurate idea how much the pigs weigh then. In the meantime, I think when they are out for their evening romp, I’ll try the old “string” method of estimating a pig’s weight. My best friend, Walter Jefferies of Sugar Mountain Farm, (whom-I’ve-never-met-but-I-have-a-high-regard-for-when-it-comes-to-raising-pigs-and-therefore-he-feels-like-my-best-friend), discusses the method here: http://sugarmtnfarm.com/2006/01/13/how-to-weigh-a-pig-with-a-string/

The Flathead County Fair is just less than a month away and the pigs need to be between #220 and 300 or they will be deemed unfit for the market ring and will be disqualified. Our pigs are sometimes a little lite going into mid-July so I’m anxious to get a better handle on their weights. I’ll keep you posted.

On a not so great note: we had a terrible storm on Saturday. I’m from Texas so I’ve seen my share of bad storms. But the ferocity of this one took me by surprise. Not too much rain or wind but wicked, wicked hail. It lasted only about 15 minutes but the destruction was final.




…..was stripped to this~ all the leaves were stripped and even some of the “bark” was stripped from the stem.


The leaves were stripped from the fruit trees along with any tiny fruit.

The garden was not spared.


Russian kale




Provider bush beans




Dixondale onions, both Redwing red and the beloved Copra storage onions



Hot pink geranium (Pelargaonium interspecific) with multi colored million bells.


But, you know, we didn’t have any structural damage.

The house is fine, the roof is not damaged, the livestock were a little freaked out but no animals were injured. No broken windows, no paint skinned off of any out buildings. Nothing.

Most importantly, no children were hurt.

Actually, no children were ever in harm’s way. And I am so grateful!

So what if the garden was flattened? We don’t live in the 1800’s! There is a 24 hour grocery store within 30 minutes drive. And some of the garden might surprise me and produce fruit anyway! (They’d better hurry, though. We only have 45 more days of summer left~ and that’s IF we don’t get a mid- August freeze like we do sometimes.)


Living the dream.


Life in paradise, just north of nowhere.

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