Spoke too soon

Maisy was acting strangely during milking yesterday. She was impatient in the stanchion, stomping her feet and moving this and that way. And she actually mooed to Maggie while I was milking. Weird. She’s a very quiet cow, head strong in her actions but not caring to share her opinions too often. So the mooing in the barn was different. Hmmmm.



After I moved her to the pasture and returned to the barn for the calf (I like to lead Maggie separately to the pasture. I gives us time to work on leading and other manners of a good cow.) Maisy stood out in the middle of the pasture and mooed and mooed, talking up a storm. Then when we arrived to the pasture and I let Maggie go off the lead, Masiy promptly mounted her.

Well, double hmmmm.

So it went all day long.

Mooing. Mooing.

Sachaying up and down the fence line. Extra curricular tail wagging.


I moved Maisy back to the stanchion and made the call to our wonderful AI guy. He came with his long straw and gloves and quick as silver, he serviced Maisy with the best part of an Angus bull. She didn’t even flinch.

Now we will watch and wait. In three weeks or so we’ll know~ well, who really knows exactly with a cow. This heat was a surprise. But a welcomed surprise  🙂

If we were successful, and I say “we” because it was a community event, we should have a little black Angus X on the ground by the middle of next May! Cross your fingers!





Today’s count: 40 eggs, 2 gallons milk

What’s for supper: Beef fajitas!

Today’s weather: Scattered showers and thunderstorms, then showers likely and possibly a thunderstorm after noon. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 73. Light and variable wind becoming south around 6 mph in the afternoon. Chance of precipitation is 60%. Tonight showers and possibly a thunderstorm before midnight, then a chance of showers and thunderstorms after midnight. Low around 50. Southwest wind 3 to 7 mph. Chance of precipitation is 80%. I think our summer is over.

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