the humble mashed potatoes

Most of the food made in my kitchen is simple farm fair. You know~ uncomplicated, soul filling, belly-happy food. I didn’t realize that constructing some of this food in one’s own home might be a mystery. This was brought to my attention because recently one of my daughter’s friends asking me pointed questions about the sequence of events to his favorite comfort food. And so today we discuss the humble mashed potatoes.

From scratch.

SCRATCH…… as in starting with the potato. And a glass of wine is helpful, too. With a slice of lemon……too. Ahhhh. On with the cooking!

Wash the pots well leaving no grime or hidden grit. We are eating those pot skins, so leave no dirt behind.


Then slice or cube the pots~ which ever you like to do. Just try and make the pots smaller in size because they cook more quickly and more evenly when smaller. (I just received these cool knives for my birthday! Aren’t they pretty?! And they are SHAAAARRP too! I had been using the knives I purchased for myself when I moved into my first house, oh, about 30 years ago ((Oh my goodness??!! 30 years? That’s impossible! I’m but a child now!)) But those faithful old knives were not able to hold an edge any longer and the handles were starting to fall off~ it’s not a great thing to have the handle of a knife come off just when you are deep into cutting a melon in half. Trust me on this!)

Then fill your chosen pot of cubed or sliced pots with water. As you can see from this delightful picture that I chose to both slice and cube my pots. You can do this when you have NEW knives!



Let them come to a simmer until soft (these are really simmering as noted by the steam on the lens of my camera).


Once tender, pour off the boiling water (you can use this potato water for the liquid called for in bread recipes. It helps to make the crumb nice and chewy and adds a bit of nutritional value).


Mash while the pots are still hot then add small amount of milk and mash together some more until….


….the potatoes are transformed into a soft, melt-in-your-mouth mass of lovely goodness.

Perfect for a gigantic dollop of butter.

Then quickly serve nestled into your favorite other foods like baked maple chicken or roasted pork shoulder with hot mustard or green beans with onions and bacon.


Can’t wait to get me some!



PS: Do you see this potato masher? This belonged to my mother’s mother~ my Nana. The handle used to be red but when her sweet hand rubbed the paint off from everyday use, my grandfather sanded it down and put a coat of varnish on the handle. Then he gave it to me.



I treasure this potato masher. It has my family genes all over it!





PPS: Maisy says “hi”



Today’s count: 38 eggs, 1.75 gallons of milk

What’s for supper: salad greens with roasted chicken on top sauteed with onions and garlic. This is supper for just Rachael and me. The boys were at work and wouldn’t be satiated with “just” salad for supper. They would still be hungry.

Weather: Sunny, with a high near 90. Light and variable wind. Tonight mostly clear, with a low around 47. Calm wind.


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