Returning to normal….

The man/ boy left (“leaving on a jet plane”~ name the author of that famous song)  to return to his adventurous life (leaving his weeping mother behind, yet again……just kidding~ sort of.)


We ate, we talked, they fished…..

The weather was perfect the whole week we were together: cool breezes from the north, sunny skies, only slight smell of smoke from the not too distant forest fires~ perfect.




Rachael and I read great works of literary art, like Home Cheese Making and The Taste of Country Cooking on the shores of the North Fork of the Flathead River while the boys and the dogs scoured the water for lovely silver backed fishes.



No one had school. No one had to work.

We stayed up late at night telling stories and watching dumb TV (how is it that we just discovered “Parks and Rec”?)


We ate good food~ some of it was hosted by our favorite local restaurants~ some of it was at home.


It was good family time punctuated by feeding and milking cows, feeding chickens and pigs and a small bit of weeding the garden (that thang needs more that a small bit of weeding! How did it get to be such a mess, I ask you? Could it be that I’ve been preoccupied by the County Fair, and company, and well, breathing and sleeping and eating? Weeding the garden has been loooow on the priority list.)



Now where’s my frosty, salted margarita on the rocks?

Paradise: just North of nowhere.

Today’s count: 30 eggs (the girls are just starting to wind down for the year), 1.5 gallons of milk.

What’s for supper: beef steaks on the grill with rice pilaf and cauliflower with celery, broccoli and onions sauteed in garlic butter.

Weather: A weak back door cold front will be moving through the Glacier National Park late this afternoon and evening. This front will create gusty northerly winds and numerous rain showers with the potential of a lightning strike.   Hmmmm. I’m not ready for winter yet..

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