it’s hot

It’s 73 degrees. In Montana. At 9:30 at night. Weird.

The animals have been surly all day. I don’t blame them. It’s hot and humid. It feels like it’s going to rain. But it doesn’t. The humidity makes my clothes stick to my back and arms like flies while I move through chores. I’m surly too. The chickens scratch about but by noon they head for the shade under the farm truck. They are molting and are looking pretty slight of feather. Willow’s in heat again (as expected) and she begins her push against the fence all day. Pushing, barking to me, sniffing about her palace. Looking for her special boar, I guess. I wish I understood her talk. Her restlessness is accentuated by the heat. The cows eat and languish in the tall grass of the pasture. They seem to be unaffected.

So I’m going to show pictures of rain and cool cloudy days.



Winter will be upon us soon and I’ll be longing for the sun again.




But for now, I’m just going to look at these pictures and dream of cooler days and nights.

And be grouchy.





Today’s count: 28 eggs, 1.25 gallons milk

What’s for supper: pork steaks on the grill with salad and watermelon

Weather: It’s going to be hot and dry the next few days across north central Idaho and western Montana…with temperatures in the 90s through at least Wednesday. In addition, dry thunderstorms are possible each afternoon through Thursday, with the most likely impact being gusty winds and lightning. This could affect ongoing wildfires, and any future starts that may occur from lightning. Taking a look ahead into the weekend: cooler temperatures, with….dare we say it?….the possibility of rain. Stay tuned!

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