It’s the simple things

Having everyone at home is such a great pleasure. This last week has reminded me, yet again, how nice it is to have all my kids home. (We really only have one kid (the oldest~ of course) who is out-of-the-house. The others are either still in high school or starting their college careers at the local community college while living at home. This equals NO DEBT. Yay! Great way to start a young adult life. But I digress.)

My mother told me that I should cherish my children’s growing up days. And I thought I did~ at least as much as you can when you are in the thick of it.


Wiping bottoms. Wiping dirty faces (not with the same washcloth~ eww). Washing and folding clothes. Sweeping up dog hair (oh, the dog hair),  vacuuming, swishing smell good stuff in the toilet (because Heaven forbid I could actually CLEAN the toilet?), cooking meals that include all the colors of the food groups (my mother always pointed out the color of the food on our plates. She was a trained commercial artist and I attributed her penchant for colors to her artistic leanings. But now a catch myself doing the same and I wonder if it’s just not a mother thing.)

Keeping up with homework and baseball and scouts and volleyball and speech and debate and basketball…..


…4H and animals and, and, and.

The small things sometimes are over looked for the big things.


It’s not purposeful. It just happens.

When the children were all home all the time, I never even thought about how hard it would be to have an empty house. Those days I thought it would be an amazing thing to be able to start a project and finish it on the same day. To be able to start folding sox and finish folding sox without one interruption. To be able to clean the bathroom~ completely~ well, you get the idea.


And now!

OH MY GOODNESS. What was I thinking????

How delightful it is to have the house filled up. Family, friends of family, acquaintances, folks my kids bring home whom I don’t know. People.

Our people….




…….and our dogs.


Always the dogs.



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