We’ve had weather. Mostly wet weather.


We also had temperatures down in the mid twenties. And though I covered every zucchini and cucumber, not many vegetables can withstand temps in the mid twenties. 25 to be exact. Four nights in a row followed by temperatures right at 32.



Plus we live out in the middle of no where (just like I LIKE IT!) and so our internet/ TV/ cell phone reception has been kinda iffy. (Did I tell you we live out in the back 40?).



Consequently my posting here has been a small nightmare.



BUT~ we shall prevail!

I have lots to tell!!!! I think Maisy is in the family way! (YIPpEE!!!)

And there is love in the air for Willow but she has to wait until next month for her hot date with the boar of her dreams.

And of course there is the thundering herd of chickens.

And the dogs (both of them) were sprayed by a skunk this week.

And our sweet children…..

And WINTER’S  a’Commin!

Loads to talk about.

So stay tuned!!!!

(now if I can only get the internet to cooperate…..)




Published by Elizabeth

Flowers make people happy!

5 thoughts on “Weather….

      1. Still picking tomatoes and chillies in September! We normal start going down hill in November\December, but then things are changing no matter where you are in the world it seems. Stay warm 🙂


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