Right in the face

This past Tuesday morning, Tim took the dogs for their morning stretch of the legs down to the mail box to retrieve the news paper. It usually takes about 20 minutes to walk down and back. Tim often throws the “dummy” for the dogs to chase and retrieve. It’s always great fun and the dogs love it.


McKinley (Mickey: 3 year old black Lab~ spoiled rotten)

This particular morning, Tim returned early with a frustrated grimace on his face. It was still dark outside so I couldn’t guess what had happened. Apparently about half way to the mail boxes, the dogs scared up a skunk. Neither dog have any experience with skunks so the little guy must have seemed like a new and different playmate. At first the skunk just tried to wattle away from the dogs: no harm no foul.

Josephine (Joey, 7 years old golden retriever~ spoiled rottener)

Buuuttt, the dogs, of course, had other ideas. They sniffed his parts and nudged him with their noses and worried the little guy until he just let them have it: full blast- in the face- both of them. The smell was shocking and immediate and was so intense the odor almost had a color~ puke green. Tim said he just about threw up. It happened so fast that he didn’t have time to call the dogs off the skunk.

Then, because she’s young, and because the skunk was still within sniffing distance and because she’s a bonehead~ Mickey stuck her nose to the skunk again resulting in yet another direct hit- in the face.


Poor dog.

Poor us.

The dogs had to spend the rest of the week on the porch.

Big babies!

They whined and fussed and gave us the hang dog look from the porch.

“But Mom, we’ve never been outside all night before. In the dark. On the porch. In the dark. By ourselves. Like ANIMALS. In the dark.”

But. They. Didn’t. Move.

So here we are a week later after multiple baths with more hair care product than Justin Bieber and still our house, our clothes, our hair, smells faintly of skunk.

The dogs were allowed into the house today but only on their beds- no place else! They are trying to be very diplomatic and inoffensive. They’re still in trouble and they know it. 



The big smelly babies.



Today’s count: 0 milk (more on this tomorrow), 32 eggs

What’s for supper: marinated chicken breasts with mashed potatoes and green beans sauteed in onions

Weather: Mostly sunny, with a high near 72. East northeast wind 6 to 13 mph. Tonight partly cloudy, with a low around 41. West wind 6 to 15 mph becoming east northeast. Winds could gust as high as 21 mph.

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