Yesterday, during my quest to get most of the food from the garden into the garage into storage~  I spied this baby lurking under half frost bitten leaves.



This pic is up close and personal so this is not to size (hehehe) but I thought these had all bitten the dust with the last hard freeze. I think this one is ready to pick! See it’s shiny skin?

Can you believe it??!! On a whim I purchased several eggplant starts when they went on sale in July (they were cheaper than a can of Coke: 4 pack for $0.50) and tucked them into the whiskey barrels out in front of the house. The plants grew quickly, completely filling their side of the barrel with lime green leathery leaves. But they are a “tender” so I didn’t even  think to check under the leaves after the last frost. I guess those big fat leaves acted like a force field against the cold because WE HAVE EGGPLANT!

Why am I so excited, you ask? Because if a girl can’t grow tomatoes then she can’t grow eggplant, right? Wrong!


The pullets are beginning to lay their small sweet eggs this week. I missed my mark by a couple of days. I like to have the new girls begin laying at or before the fall equinox. This allows them to have a month or two of strong egg laying before the dark cold months of winter. They seem to lay better through the winter when started a little early. Otherwise they don’t lay well until spring and we are eggless for months. Booo.


The dogs are finally loosing that stale skunk smell.

So what does a good lab do when she doesn’t smell like skunk? She rolls in cow poo.




We are blessed.

Paradise~ just north of nowhere.

Today’s count: 28 eggs

What’s for supper: Flank steak roulade stuffed with kale, chard, celery, and onion and (maybe cream cheese) along with mashed (blue) potatoes and cream gravy~ the boys will be coming home hungry from work and baseball . This should fix what ails them  🙂

Weather: Patchy fog before 9am. Otherwise, sunny, with a high near 62. North northeast wind 3 to 5 mph. Tonight patchy fog after 3am. Otherwise, partly cloudy, with a low around 36. North wind 7 to 14 mph, with gusts as high as 20 mph.

Published by Elizabeth

Flowers make people happy!

3 thoughts on “surprised

  1. Congratulations on the egg plants! How exciting. I like the “what’s for dinner and weather break down”. I will now read a few of your other post to see why you adorable cow poo rolling in dog smelled like skunk. Happy gardening and God bless.


  2. Thank you for reading Lin. Yes our dogs are HAPPY to roll around in anything with an “interesting” smell. Fun for them~ not so great for us! Welcome to the homestead!


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