Dehydrating kale

In our ever evolving movement towards food sustainability, I am dehydrating kale.


We have eaten our share of kale from the garden this year. It out produced itself all summer long~ even after the wicked hailstorm in July. Now SOME of us our getting a little tired of kale (IE: kale and eggs, kale on sandwiches, sauteed kale with onions and other summer veggies, kale with toast, kale ON toast, kale with tomatoes, boiled kale with mashed potatoes, kale and mushrooms, kale, kale, kale~ you get the idea). Plus, the leaves become a little tough and stttrrroooong with maturity . Some brassicaceae increase in flavor with a frosty nip in the fall. But not this stuff. (IE: it tastes a lot like very chewy bitter old cabbage). So I set up the dehydrator and got going.



It takes some time to separate the leaves from the fibrous stems: cutting, tearing. The leaves are washed and packed onto the dehydrator trays. (See how full the machine is? The trays are so full that the leaves are trying to escape!) Then in the same amount of time it takes to wash, dry and fold 4 loads of laundry, we are blessed with crispy and sweet (no~ really, the leaves become very sweet with the drying. I have no idea how that happens. It’s just magic I guess.) green bits of goodness to fortify our winter soups and (more) mashed potatoes and pizza and stews and chili. The list is as long as your food imagination.


Now only 359 more plants like this to go!

Yiippee! Kale!


Throwback picture circa~ late April 2016


Vincent at 10 weeks~ what a sweet boy!


Today’s count: 33 eggs~ the girls are only showing a slight slow down in laying. Yay!

What’s for supper: Chicken fried stead (again), mashed potatoes (again) and salad~ NO KALE

Weather: Showers likely. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 50. South southwest wind around 6 mph. Chance of precipitation is 60%. Tonight a slight chance of showers before midnight, then a chance of rain after midnight. Patchy fog after midnight. Otherwise, mostly cloudy, with a low around 34. Calm wind becoming east northeast around 5 mph after midnight. Chance of precipitation is 30%.

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