Grown up Vincent

Vincent is 8 months old.


Here he is in all his boar glory (notice how he and his bachelor brother knocked their food out of the feed dish onto the ground? Boys!)

Vincent has grown into quite the nice young pig. He is special because most smaller holdings like ours don’t keep intact male animals. He grew quickly as a piglet and has nice structure and muscle formation (IE: read: nice hams and shoulders). He has some manners, about as good a manners as a pig can get. He is not pushy. He is quiet and easy to work with. He is happy to load into a trailer. He has not shown himself to be unpredictable~ so far. He is a bit tall, which is good. And I would estimate he weighs about #300.

Vincent will earn his keep these next few months. His job will be to visit a couple of sweet sows in our small community (2 actually) and offer his very valuable chromosomes to those sows for lovely little piglets in the spring. Up to now, he and one of his brothers have been hanging out at our next door neighbors pig palace until his services are needed. He will make his first trip off the farm this weekend.


Yesterday I noticed he had a small wound on his right ear. It’s a small cut that splits the little flap in his ear for about 1 inch. It looks as though it’s been there for a bit but I don’t remember seeing the wound before yesterday. No other wounds noted. No wounds on brother pig. Hmmm. It doesn’t seem to bother him. He let me inspect the wound without fussing. No signs of infection in spite of the less than stellar cleanliness of the pig palace. A quick search of the pig palace didn’t turn up any obvious cause. Maybe the boys were rambunctiously playing and tussling and Vincent got this lovely wound to show for it? I well remember boys who’s play turned into a fight when feelings were hurt or the play was taken too far. Maybe that’s what happened here. We will never know.

But it is interesting that he was given the name “Vincent” long before his ear was injured. I’m sure the girls won’t mind. It gives him character!


 dreaming of babes (before his character adding right ear wound)

Today’s count: 0 23 eggs

What’s for supper: pulled pork sandwiches, beans, salad and watermelon

Weather: Rain. High near 48. East wind 6 to 9 mph becoming south in the afternoon. Chance of precipitation is 100%. Tonight a 50 percent chance of rain, mainly before midnight. Cloudy, with a low around 36. South southwest wind 5 to 9 mph becoming light southwest.

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