Right now on the farm…..

…..I am sitting on the front porch. With a glass of cheap, boxed wine: my favorite.

No pictures. Just words.

It’s only 6:30 pm but the clouds are heavy with water and it makes for early dusk. It’s been raining all day. The breeze is mild~ and the temperature is a coolish 57 degrees. The boys are off the farm finishing up their prospective work shifts~ they should each be home soon. Rachael is doing some last minute math homework in her room. I can’t see the cows but I can hear them nosing their supper hay about looking for the best morsels. Willow is pacing along the fence line ignoring her own supper of house scraps and ground grains; huffing and puffing to an invisible suitor. She is in heat. Hopefully this will be her last cycle. Vincent, the young boar, is slated for a visit early next month. And then we will all breathe a sigh of relief. It seems the females on the farm are happiest when they have settled. The chickens are slowly moving toward the chicken coop. Some of the younger hens are running here and there for a last mouthful of this or that before bed.

The wild geese are restless. Their honking and calling back and forth is constant. It’s like they are making last minute travel plans. Loudly.  Usually we can see many families of deer spilling out of the forest onto the pastures for their nightly grazing. But no deer tonight. They are probably tucked up early for the night due to the rain.

We are under a winter weather advisory starting at midnight tonight. The weather forcast looks like this: A shot of cold air is forecast to dive south from Canada Sunday night through Tuesday and bring us the first real early taste of winter. Highway 2 at Marias Pass and other areas around Glacier National Park could see their first significant snow of the season. There could even be some accumulating wet snow in the lower elevations around Kalispell and points north and east.

Dang. It seems early. Winter always “seems early”. Oh well. The pantry is bursting with summer canned foods. The fuel tanks are full of propane. The barn is full of hay and straw bales for bedding. We are ready. Of course there’s always more to do. I still have a few more potatoes to weigh and sort. The onions need to be covered before the cold air threatens them in their under storage porch. More straw for the nesting boxes. A big hay bale needs to be moved into the pig palace for Willow to disassemble and reassemble to her liking…..

But for now, I am sitting on the porch.

Sipping my glass of cheap, boxed wine

Thinking of the boy I married 23 years ago.

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