The heads didn’t split!


I love this color. It’s just screams “vitamins” and “eat-me-so-you-can-be-healthy”. Doesn’t it? Or maybe I’m hearing things. Could be. My kids think I’m crazy already.


Red Express Organic Cabbage (Johnny’s Selected Seed)

Isn’t this beautiful? Sometimes I can’t believe that this starts out a small seed. Given time and lovin’ in the form of rich soil and rain water~ we have something that can nourish our bodies. Not only does this cabbage feed us now but if I’m careful about storage, this little guy can feed us into the winter. Now how’s that for a versatile crop?

I love cabbage so much! Not as much as my beloved. But close. (Now if cabbage could grow facial hair? Hmmmm. We might have a closer race.)


But what to do with this lovely head?

Cabbage stew, of course! Now I don’t want to hear a bunch of groans. This is how I make cabbage stew and EVERYBODY in my house LOVES IT. I promise!


First, ropey type sausage. Unfortunately, our pork isn’t back from the abattoir so I had to buy this ropey type pork sausage at the store. You can get the turkey rope sausage or pork. Just as long as there’s a bit of fat in the bottom of the pan as you saute the meat. And throw in a handful of onions. Mmmm.

~ On a small deer trail: don’t you just love the word “abattoir”? I usually run to Google pronunciation to practice saying “abattoir” before I use it in a sentence. Abattoir. Abattoir. Abattoir. The word sounds a little strange to my ear when I say it out loud. (It might be that I still have an ever so slight Texas accent.)

But I digress-

After the ropey sausage is all crusty and brown and the onions are all limp and shiny with salty meat fat and every single one of your children come to the kitchen one at a time to see if that wonderful aroma is supper- add the chopped cabbage….


…..and a few roughly chopped potatoes of your choice (forgot the pic of the potatoes, dang). And a handful of caraway seeds. These taste a bit like black licorice (which I hate, but the flavor somehow works with this dish so I add them) so add more of them if you like the taste of licorice in your cabbage. (Just a quick other note~ I used to tell the kids these seeds were bugs when they were little. Only Rachael balked at eating this for supper. The boys didn’t even slow down. It took some talking for Rach to believe that these really weren’t bugs. And she had to pick at them and look at them real hard.  Hmmmff. What kind of mother did she think I was?)


Put the lid on the pot and adjust the fire to low and let these flavors all mix and mingle until the potatoes are soft.


And then~ wala! A perfect meal for a dark and rainy evening. Plus, every ingredient can come from your garden! Bugs and all!



Today’s count: ONLY 5 eggs today! 5! I think the dark days are taking a toll on the ladies. It might be that they will quickly go through their molt then start laying early next year? One can only hope.

What’s for supper: Cabbage stew with cheese bread

Weather: Mostly cloudy, with a high near 53. South southeast wind 3 to 6 mph. Tonight a 30 percent chance of rain after midnight. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 40. Southeast wind around 5 mph becoming calm in the evening.

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