right now on the farm…..

…..the wind is blowing steadily from the west. And it’s colder. The weather guys say that today was our last day of rain for the rest of the week. Halleluia! The garden is in desperate need of cleaning out and finishing up and I haven’t planted the garlic yet. And here we are in November!

I’m sure the animals would appreciate a good drying out before it gets cold. Willow especially. Her pig palace is very mucky even with the addition of multiple bales of straw. She has a nice dry place under cover to sleep but she insists on sleeping within a big pile of straw in the light rain right out in the open. During the day she moves and arranges the straw all around the palace yard until she has a large accumulation. Her straw bed steams in the morning when she heaves her big, piggy frame up for breakfast.

Later this week we will add even more straw all about her palace, with special attention to her under cover sleeping area. This will sop up several wet, muddy areas. She should be coming into heat soon and with her home all clean and ready for company, the boar will come for a visit. Ahhh. Love is in the air!

No sign of heat from Maisy. The AI man with the long gloves is due to come out in a couple of weeks to check her. Hopefully she is in the family way and will be expecting a soft, fuzzy baby with big dark eyes next spring. In the meantime, I caught Maggie taking just a small nip of milk from her mamma. Hmmm. I thought she was weaned. Maggie is a happy, chubby 10 month old and doesn’t need mamma’s milk anymore. I guess we have to work on that.

My own children are piled in the living room watching the last of a Netflix special. I’d love to say the special is educational and uplifting, but it’s a super hero series. You know~ the tortured super hero character~ all sorts of muscles and dark, brooding facial expressions. I actually like it too. It’s…..um….entertaining. The muscles and all.


I must end this for now.

My middle son is calling me. The rest of the uplifting, educational super hero-with-the-brooding-exression show is on and the kids have my spot waiting for me.

More tomorrow (if the internet cooperates).

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