Just one more post on canning….I think…..


I love canning and putting aside food for later use in the dark days of winter. It only takes a few days (or in my case: weeks. WEEKS I tell you! I love canning. I think the kids are in constant fear this time of year that if they are not very good children they might end up in a jar of vinegar for January use as pickles ~ I jest, I jest).

So here we are with the (almost) last bit of canning and putting up of the summer’s bounty. How blessed we are to have an abundance! Even after the mid- June freeze AND the July 16th hail storm. Some of the veggies had to be bartered or purchased because of the storms. But we have good friends who shared their bounty with us and I bartered some yet-to-be-laid spring eggs for tomatoes (is this counting my chickens before they’re hatched?).

Blessed indeed.

So just a few pics of what we’ve been canning these last days of the season.




48 pounds of bartered tomatoes turned into 23 quarts of stewed tomatoes and lots for fresh eating (Daniel has had tomato and mayonnaise sandwiches with a sprinkling of garlic salt for lunch at school~ lucky boy)

8 quarts of pickled beets and onions.These taste just like the pickled beets my Texas grandmother used to make. Look at that color!



Of course the REAL reason I made these is to use the pretty vinegar later in the spring for pickled hard-boiled eggs. Can’t wait! Now if those lazy hens would just get a move on!

Okkkk~ so now we are almost finished up with canning for this season. Just sauerkraut and more carrots and chicken and pork and maybe some venison (if the men get lucky) and …. and…. and…..

Oh and I haven’t even started on the dehydrated veggies (except for the dehydrated kale which we’ve already talked about.)

Maybe the kids SHOULD be worried.   🙂

Hey and PS: Look what my sweet mother in law gave me!


Brand new canning jars!  Lots of them! How could a girl get so lucky, I ask you??!

My husband will be so excited!!!!!

Today’s count: only 4 eggs….waaaa!

What’s for supper: baked maple chicken, mashed potatoes and tomato tart. Yum….

Weather: Persistent rain is expected to continue across most of western Montana and north central Idaho today, however some valleys will begin to see a gradual lessening of rain by this afternoon and evening for locations along-and-south of I-90 and Highway 12 through Idaho/Montana. Snow will occur at about 5000 feet and higher, so impacts from snow-covered roads will continue, particularly at Marias Pass. Exercise caution when traveling, be it over mountain pass roadways or in valleys, as fog will begin to develop tonight into Wednesday.

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