Planting garlic and other farm stuff.

I thought we were finished with the yard a month and a half ago. I was wrong. October was a hot mess of rain and above freezing temps that sent our yard into a growing frenzy. Who’d a thunk?

Therefore, Luke had to mow the yard. Again. Hopefully this will be the last time. But I said that in September, too. We will just have to see how November pans out. So far it’s been more like October than October was.


The dogs helped my son mow by laying in the only puddle of water. Why, tell me, why does a lab have to LAY DOWN in the water for a drink??? Minutes later she was laying flat in the puddle with her back to the water and her legs in the air…..


…. our dog. What a goof ball. We love her.

Planting the garlic was also on the list of things to do today. I’m really late. I usually plant garlic in October. But that didn’t happen. And that’s ok. It’s the best we can do for this season. Every growing season rests on itself here. And though I am often frustrated beyond belief at how unpredictable growing food in Montana can be, I’m happy to live here. We’ll just work it out.

So, back to garlic.

Starting from the southern most area of the garlic bed: this is Lorz Italian.


This is a soft neck- artichoke style garlic. This one is a new one for us. The information I was able to glean from the internet states that it’s an heirloom soft neck with a warm, rich flavor that is spicy but not too hot. Lorz Italian has more purple in its wrapper than most artichoke types. And the reason I chose this one~ it grows well in hot summers and also cold winters. Stores 6-8 months. These cloves are huge. So they should in turn make for very large heads. I planted about 100-120 cloves. Just thinking about the harvest next spring makes my mouth water. Man, it’s hard to wait!


Next in line is Purple Glazer. We’ve grown this one before and I really like both how it tastes and how it looks. I hear you giggling over there. Don’t make fun. How my food looks is important to me. Maybe more so than how I look. It’s all about the presentation, baby. Anyway, PG is known for being one of the best baking garlics. It has a sweet roasted flavor. Mmmm. I can just smell a few of those big heads slathered in olive oil roasting on the summer grill next to a couple of big ol’ pork steaks. Come on summer!

Last in the garlic bed goes Russian Inferno. This is a HOT one. My boys love it. It bites the tongue when eaten raw (The boys dare each other to eat it raw. It’s a game to see who’s the toughest. Makes my eyes water to watch them play) and imparts a really strong garlic-y flavor to cooked foods. Plus~ it’s beaaaauuuutiful! All purpleyy and mahogany.


Plant tip up. Pat soil over the top. Water well. Cover with mulch. Wait until next summer~ about July or so before harvesting. If you can. Try not to drool all over clothes, hands, house, kids until then.


Goodnight my little beloved clove. Sleep well. See you in 8 months, give or take.



Here’s our garlic bed all planted, waiting for the chicken poo/ straw mulch which shall be applied in a couple of days when we clean out the chicken coop. The mulch will keep the garlic cloves all comfy and safe in their new bed. Hopefully the addition of the poo will send slow releasing nutrients into the soil to give the garlic a good start next spring.

Ok. That’s done.

Onward! What’s next on the farm-to-do-list?

Oh, yes. Someone is having a lovely 3 month long date with a handsome pink boar. And she’s all a twitter. More on the love affair to remember next.


See, she has even powdered her nose for the occasion.


What’s for supper- Smoked sugar-cured ham with rice pilaf and Swiss chard salad.

Weather: Cloudy, with a steady temperature around 47. Light south wind. Tonight a chance of showers before 11pm, then rain likely after 11pm. Cloudy, with a low around 38. Light south wind becoming south southwest 6 to 11 mph after midnight. Chance of precipitation is 60%.


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