-4 degrees this morning



It was -4 degrees at first light this morning. Cold and clear.

And blustery. The snow is blowing off the trees from the forest making great white puffs of ice crystals that drift like smoke across our south pastures.


I sprinkled more handfuls of cracked corn over the chicken’s regular feed to help keep them warm. They devoured the grain in great gulps before they sprinted to their spot in front of the garage doors.


I can see that Maggie and Maisy both have full rumens from the sweet hay. Neither lifted their heads from their spot at the hay stack when I drove out to check on their water supply. Maisy finally ambled over to see what treats I might have brought for her. Then she positioned herself broadside to the sun to soak up the warmth. I’m glad to see that she might finally be putting on a bit more weight.



The pigs are reluctant to extricate themselves from their steamy hay bed. You can just make out a twitchy ear when the boar scoots closer to Willow.


The inside animals quickly dodge outside to do their “business” and perform a quick inspection of the property before they resume their proper places in the house.


The house is a cheery 65 degrees. We finally succumbed (succame-d?) and turned the heat on yesterday.


We are expecting more snow by the end of the week. The forecast looks like this: Significant surges of moisture will move over the Northern Rockies late Thursday and continue for a prolonged period, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The higher terrain will receive a significant amount of snow from this system with the mountains along the Montana/Idaho border receiving the heaviest amounts. Also the moisture will interact with the entrenched arctic air potentially allowing for hefty amounts of snow to fall in north central and western Montana valley locations.

Sounds like a nice weekend to stay home and EAT! Yay for us!


What’s for supper: Wednesday nights are our nights to eat at church and I can’t remember the menu. More on this later! 🙂

Weather: A 10 percent chance of light snow today. Mostly sunny, with a high near 15. Wind chill values as low as -11. Northeast wind 13 to 15 mph. Tonight a 10 percent chance of light snow. Partly cloudy, with a low around -14. Wind chill values as low as -28. North northeast wind 3 to 7 mph.


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