Close to the end

So I’m at the point where I need to decide whether or not I’m going to continue this ol’ blog.  The next step is a payment plan~ not free as I have been using thus far. Ok so I DO take a lot of pictures but what good are words without pictures, I ask you?

So I must think for a bit on the next move. Continue writing with pictures of the farm and the animals and all the good food that the farm produces, paying a small yearly price? Or retire the blog.

Hmmmmm. Many things to consider.


Today’s count: 6 eggs! 5 frozen, one not.

What’s for supper: Pork sandwiches au jus and sauteed sweet potatoes with onions.

Weather: Tonight a 30 percent chance of snow showers. Mostly cloudy, with a low around -11. Light south wind. Total night time snow accumulation of less than a half inch possible. Tomorrow a 50 percent chance of snow. Cloudy, with a high near 15. Wind chill values as low as zero. Calm wind becoming south around 6 mph in the afternoon. New snow accumulation of less than one inch possible.

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3 thoughts on “Close to the end

  1. Your blog is very nice. It would be a pity if you close it. if you have to pay and you do not want to do it, could you consider to move your blog to another platform, maybe?

    I have some curiosity about your life. Your winter, this winter, is astonishing.

    How do you heat your home? By oil?, Gas or wood?
    I see that your pigs are under the snow: do they not have a sort of shelter or simply they like to be on (and under) the snow?
    Reading your posts, I have seen that your farm produces a lot of milk and eggs everyday (in spring and summer at least), but it seems I am not able to find any posts about how you use them. Do you sell them? Do you do butter and/or cream with your milk?
    Reading your posts, I read a lot about the activities done by you and your children. Very rarely I read about your husband. Where is he and what does he do? (If I can ask… otherwise, please, simply ignore these questions.

    I write from Italy and I met your blog reading the Shaye’s blog. Sorry for my bad English.


  2. Hi Marco~
    Thank you for your nice comments. The verdict is still out as to whether or not I’m going to close the blog. I haven’t had the chance to evaluate my next step. But with the holidays closing out and the family slogging back into our routine, I think I’ll have that chance soon.

    Our winter has been brutal this year. Especially since we were just about without any real weather to speak of the last two years. The weather guys have been warning us since last fall that this year was going to be a doozy~ they were right. As of this minute, we have 4 feet of snow on the level (I’ll post some pictures once I figure out the next website step) and we expecting more starting tonight. The worst, of course, is the wind chill. After tonight’s snow, the clouds are supposed to blow off and the temperatures drop into the negatives. Again.

    We heat with propane. We have two, 1000 gallon tanks that serve our needs. We fill them at the end of summer before the prices increase. We have plans to install a wood burning stove, but have yet to take that leap. Of course my dream is to have a wood burning COOK stove. But that’s for much later 🙂

    Our pigs have a really nice shelter. As a matter of fact, the sow gave birth to 11 piglets in the shelter last year. But for some reason, only known to the pigs, they have shunned the shelter and are sleeping out in the open. They have a huge nest where they snuggle up when the wind blows. We’ve supplied them with lots of warm hay for bedding in the shelter. But the pigs push and nose the hay out into the open to their nest. I’ve seen the sow carry great mouthfuls of hay out of the shelter only to drop the hay into the nest. I’m hoping that she might move back into the shelter when her next litter of piglets arrive this spring.

    We have several children still at home~ mostly boys. So our food needs are pretty large. We usually eat most of our eggs and sell the surplus. It’s illegal to sell raw milk in Montana (which stinks) so any extra is made into cheese. We also make butter and many scrumptious desserts from the cream. Any extra is given to the piglets and chickens. The boys drink about gallon and a half of milk a day. We usually don’t have extra.

    My sweet husband works off the farm, bless his heart. And he works hard. (he’s in the medical field~ but not a MD). I’ve kind of unofficially promised him that I wouldn’t include him in the blog unless I let him know a head of time. So he doesn’t appear here very often. I’m not that organized.

    Your English is wonderful. I wish I could speak Italian as well (I did, however, take 5 years of Latin. Does that count?)

    Thank you again for commenting. It’s nice to know someone is reading about out antics.



  3. Hi Elizabeth,
    thank you for your reply!
    5 years of Latin? Ehm… no, it does not work to speak Italian, sorry!^^

    WoW! You drink a lot of milk per day! In Italy we use very less but I know that in other countries people use milk in different way… for example, one time I was in Netherlands for a business trip and I have seen that the Dutch colleagues drunk milk at lunch: this thing is very odd for Italians… (we drink water, wine, beer at launch…)
    I have seen you have 4 teen boys… I am dad of 5, 3 daughters (19,18 and 10) and 2 sons (14 and 5). Hard times with so many -teen people at home, uh?

    About pigs, go figure the pig’s psychology!

    Also in Italy we are facing cold air waves from arctic which reach us from Russia. Temperatures have dropped since Christmas and we have had days with 15 °F (-10°C) in the night, that is very cold where I live (in the last 5 years rarely temperatures dropped under 32°F). The current one has brought a lot of cold but less than a inch of snow (but it has hit harder in the south of Italy… I live in the center), but it is finishing and another is arriving: this time heavy snowfalls are scheduled starting from next sunday. We will see (I like snow a lot).

    Thank you also for the info about your heating system: looking to your pictures (especially the once which show the ice inside the windows) about was happening at your house with the winter I was very curious about that. I wish you could have your cook oven as soon as possible.

    I wish you and your family a very happy 2017 and I hope to see a new post very soon ^^

    Ciao from Italy

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