So there I was, minding my own business…..

…… moving groceries from the car to the house when I tripped.

In my big Sorel snow boots.

Up the stairs.

It was not the most graceful moves. Nor was it a particularly athletic move. I just missed the step with my big boots and fell.

WHO DOES THAT? I ask you? Who falls UP stairs?

As I was falling- up the stairs- I remember thinking, “Oh. This is going to hurt.”


I was right. Whooo boy.

So I laid on the garage floor for awhile gathering my thoughts. Actually, I writhed a bit too. My left leg hurt a lot. The whole leg. But I could move it. And I could walk on it. A little. So after feeling sorry for myself for a couple of minutes on the garage floor, I hobbled into the house and laid on the couch. The kids realizing that I had done something significantly injurious to myself, sprang into action. One grabbed some ice, one grabbed a pillow, one grabbed some anti-inflammatories and one grabbed a small glass of red wine (that boy knows how to take care of his momma!).

My knee hurt and my ankle hurt. But the next day, neither hurt too bad. And we hobbled through animal chores and household chores. It swelled a bit and turned some shades of weird purply-green.


By the fifth day, my knee was 100% better. But my ankle still hurt especially in the morning. So off to the orthopedic urgent care I go (we live in a ski town so we have stand alone urgent care just for orthopedic injuries). Remember, I still thought I had just sprained my ankle so I ’bout fell out of my chair when the PA came out with the xrays to show me where I had BROKEN my ankle in TWO places. I was so skeptical of his diagnosis that I looked at the name on the xray to make sure it was really me (side bar~ the PA was wonderful. I wasn’t really doubting him it’s just that I’ve been a nurse for a loooong time and so I therefore absolutely think I know better than anyone and I absolutely thought I had just sprained my ankle. So I was just “making sure” by checking to see that MY name was on the xray and not someone else’s name. This in no way is a slight against the orthopedic PA~ I’m sometimes a “fanny” who thinks she knows better than everyone. Just ask my beloved husband.)


And so here we are.

No weight bearing for 6-8 weeks. That means crutches. In the snow. BLECK.

My wonderful children have completely stepped up.

They have taken over the care of all the animals PLUS school PLUS work. Heroes~ all of them.

But for the next several weeks, this blog will take on a slightly different voice. The kids will be updating me on the animal antics and will be taking pictures of the farm as they go. And I will be reporting here what they report to me. I think it will be interesting!


Life in paradise~ just north of nowhere…..

Today’s count: Nothing so far. It’s still dark and the chickens are asleep.

What’s for supper: Chicken and biscuits.

Weather:  Areas of freezing fog. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 24. South southwest wind 3 to 5 mph. Tonight patchy freezing fog. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 13. Light west wind.

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