The first day

Yesterday was the first of many days where my children will be kind of “guest hosting” the blog while I’m laid up with my broken left ankle. It has worked out that the boys will be working with the outside chores: feeding, watering and doctoring (if need be) the big outside animals. And my sweet daughter will be manning (that really should read “woman-ing”) the household chores: meals, cleaning, washing…. which also includes caring for the 30 new chicks we have in the garage brooder. (These are replacement chicks for this next year’s egg needs. We’ll talk more about that later.) These duties are on top of school and work as each of the kids have part time, off the farm jobs. And, to be clear, Rachael can sling #75 bales of hay with the best of them but when asked, she chose to be in charge of the inside duties.

The plan is to have the boys report to me the goings-on of the farm and I’ll report the antics back to you. This includes pictures. So here we go:

Stacks of alfalfa/ grass mix hay in the neighbor’s barn
Looking for morsels
Rainbow of clucks
Love birds pigs

The snaps are nice. The captions are sweet.

When I asked for a report, this is what I got~

Me: “how is everything?”

Them: “everything is fine.”

Me: “anything to report?”

Them: “no”

Me: “the cows OK?”

Them: “yep”

Me: “the pigs?”

Them: “yep”

Me: “OK”

Hmmmm. So we need to work on the verbal communication a little.

Today’s count: 2 eggs. One frozen

What’s for supper: Chili Mac~ a true family favorite

Weather: Mostly cloudy, with a high near 31. Light west southwest wind.  Tonight mostly cloudy, with a low around 13. Light and variable wind. Boring but I’ll take it!

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