Maggie grows a beard


A snow beard!

I think the cows become lazy after a time.

It seems that they just eat the snow around their breakfast area instead of walking all the way over to the big tub of fresh water.





“Alllll the waaaay ovvvver therrrrrre” is about 10- 15 yards. I’m sure that walking in the snow is tiring. But shish! It’s not that far!


Maisy soaking up the sun. Notice those lick marks on her from her daughter?


The little birds in the garage brooder (more on these little girls tomorrow) are old enough to transition to to the chicken coop. They are about 4 weeks old and are fully feathered out. Except that we are expecting another big snow storm with lows in the negative digits and high winds beginning sometime tonight. So we shall wait. They are fairly content to snuggle with each other in the brooder but the time will come that there will be no more room in the inn. And we will have to make the move even if the weather fails to cooperate. They would probably be fine out there now. I’m just a nervous momma. We depend on these girls to be strong and healthy to lay enough big beautiful eggs to supply my family and a few others with good food. I don’t want to jeopardize them in any way.





So they stay in the garage for a bit more. Maybe another week?




The temperatures today have been very mild. Warmish in the day. Cold at night. Which makes for interesting ice formations.




Today’s supposed to be the last of the nice weather. At least until this week end.

Sun glinting off the snow looking toward our home from the barn this morning. This is a southern view. 


Better stop writing and get the boys to put out another bale of hay for the pigs!








What’s for supper: Pork roast with rosemary smashed potatoes and cauliflower.

Today’s count: 1 egg. Not frozen.

Weather: Starting Monday night, a weather system will bring periods of moderate to heavy snow across western Montana and central Idaho. A narrow band of heavier snow is expected somewhere near west central Montana on Tuesday which could produce locally higher snowfall amounts. Lower elevations in Idaho will see rain/snow mix which could cause snow loading issues. Snow will be on the decrease Tuesday night, but another surge of moisture is possible on Wednesday/Thursday.

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