Maybe sunny

Today is supposed to be partly sunny.

Can you see where the gate is fastened? You have to look very hard but it’s definitely locked. Wonder what I was shutting out? Or in? Whatever it was~ I think it worked. 

It’s not that I don’t believe the weather guys. They are usually right when it comes to predicting the weather. It’s just that we don’t often have sunny days in the winter. Even partly sunny. We trudge from one dark, bleakish day to another until suddenly it’s spring. My daughter LOVES dark, rainy, dreary days. I think she likes the feel of the atmosphere present all around her in the form of clouds and darkness.

I’m not complaining, however. Summer days are long and glorious and stretch out for 18, 19 hours at the peak of summer solstice. So we just wait for June.


We were supposed to have a wicked blow starting Monday evening lasting until this morning. But it didn’t happen. The whole storm slid south and blanketed Missoula and parts east with snow. It’s still cold~ wind chill values around -12. But if the sun is shining, it’ll feel warmer than it is.

I’m easily fooled. 🙂


Today’s count: too dark yet. All the girls are snuggled up together snoozing

What’s for supper: BREAKFAST!!!! Bacon, eggs, toast, cut up fruit…. yum!

Weather: Partly sunny, with a high near 20. Wind chill values as low as -12. Northeast wind 14 to 18 mph, with gusts as high as 25 mph. Tonight partly cloudy, with a low around -2. Wind chill values as low as -13. North wind around 6 mph.

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