It’s the big one

This is the weather forecast for the next several days~ Extreme Snow Across Northwest Montana Through Monday~ The next round of significant, heavy snow will occur through Monday, as extremely moist air interacts with a slow moving modified arctic boundary. This will create an ideal zone for heavy snow across northwest Montana. The image above highlights snow amounts in a 24-hour period from this morning through Monday morning in areas where the heaviest snow is most likely. Blizzard conditions are a high potential, especially Monday morning. Please be prepared for significant heavy snow impacts!


I guess we are to expect snow falls measured in feet not inches. This isn’t completely unexpected. We DO live in Montana. But the last several years has only offered a pittance of precipitation and we were lulled a false winter security .



We already have a lot of snow. Here are a couple of pictures of our picnic table in the back yard. Snow has almost covered the entire thing.








Here’s another view. It’s easier to see how much we have piled up.



The school district has already cancelled school for tomorrow which is AMAZING! I can’t even think of the last time school was cancelled. So it’s an extra bale of hay for the cows. More hay for bedding for the pigs. A bit more cracked corn for the chickens. Then after all the animals are tended to, we will start the preps in the house.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWe live in a very well constructed home. I can count on one hand the number of times we have lost power for more than an hour or two. We have lived in Montana for 14 years and in this house for 8. So though I’m pretty sure we will pass tomorrow with our noses to the window in amazement of the great amounts of snow falling, I doubt we will have issues with our electricity.

I see snow pigs!

BUT~ to be sure~ I will make my way to the basement to check on our emergency supplies: candles, batteries, matches, extra water, canned food, wine~ you know~ emergency stuff. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

We’re expecting a couple of my boy’s friends over to the house for the super bowl game and I still have to crutch down stairs to the basement so I must go for now. More tomorrow from the wintery wilds of Montana!

Paradise~ just north of nowhere.


Today’s count: 0 eggs. Hmmmmph.

What’s for supper: Super bowl snacks!

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