Ice sheen

The snow has let up for the time being. And all that is left is the cold, the breeze and a bit of sunshine.


Even though it is still below freezing, the sun has touched the drifts so that the snow hills look like big dollops of melting whipped cream.


The pig palace has a lot of snow in the yard now. The pigs can almost step over the fencing. But they are pretty happy where they are~ warm bed, good food, nice company~ so I don’t think they will storm the fence to escape. Luke says that Willow’s belly is lowering each day. I can’t lay eyes on her yet since I’m still on crutches for another couple of weeks and the snow berms have gotten so high that I can’t see her from the car or the porch. I’ll have to check my dates but I’m almost positive that she’s not due for another month. March 12th to be exact. So his report is a little worrisome. Maybe pigs are like humans and begin to show their pregnant bellies earlier with subsequent pregnancies. I’ll feel better when I get to see her myself.

I didn’t know how much I would miss interacting with our animals while I’ve been “infirmed”.


Here’s Luke clearing snow and ice away from the chicken coop door so it moves freely. We have to do this every couple of days so the chickens can have access to the outside.  SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Shorts and a Carhartt jacket~ the perfect outdoor attire for a hard working teenaged boy.

We are moving the 5 week old chicks from the garage to the chicken coop today. It’s so fun to watch them flap and chirp and move about with chick glee when they are let loose in the coop with the big working girls for the first time. There’s a chance that a few skirmishes might break out between the new girls and the older biddies. So Rachael volunteered to watch them and intervene if need be.

I’ll post some pics here tomorrow.


Have a lovely day!

Paradise~ just north of nowhere.


Today’s count: 4 eggs! 4 beautiful, perfect, brown eggs!

What’s for supper: Pork steaks with salad and homemade ranch dressing.

Weather: Mostly cloudy, with a high near 24. West southwest wind around 5 mph becoming calm. Tonight partly cloudy, with a low around 11. Light and variable wind.

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