Bits and pieces

Just a few odds and ends today.

The weather has been really nice~ cold at night but mild and sunny during the day. We’ve also had a bit of freezing fog which makes for interesting diamond deposits on fencing and trees and cow whiskers.


Do you see the Christmas lights still in the tree? 


Rachael and I took Rhett to the Flathead Spay and Neuter Task Force this morning. He is 10 months old and has just started to mark his places with that strong funk. He hasn’t sprayed in the house very often~ maybe twice? But, ohhh, the scent is unmistakable. It is time for him to receive his neutering. Hopefully he will not spray in the house anymore.

Doesn’t he look pitiful? And he complained a lot. Loudly.

Rachael was a little teary. She’s pretty stressed out with school and work. Even though Rhett was left in good hands, I think leaving him brought her tears to the surface. We’ll pick him up in a couple of hours and she can love on him until she feels better.

Lucky cat.


We found a dead teenaged pullet in the south yard this morning. It was completely intact~ no marks, no wounds. Since these little chickens are new to the routine, I’m guessing she forgot to go to the coop at dusk and fell to the cold. Poor thing. I’ll talk to the boys. Maybe they can make a quick visual sweep of the surrounding area ensuring all the little pullets are tucked into the coop for the night before they close the doors.


On a more narcissistic tone~ I was at the doctor Friday. After looking at my newest x-rays he proclaimed that my ankle is healing nicely and I only have to be on crutches for another week! Yay! Another week on the crutches, and another two weeks in the boot and I’m free! Double yay!

Can. Not. Wait!

Enough for today.

Hope y’all have a lovely day!


Today’s count: One sweet egg!

What’s for supper: Ham casserole (?) We are eating at church tonight for our usual Wednesday night feed. Ham casserole is a new one for us. 🙂

Weather: Wet and mild weather returns tonight, and will continue into early Friday. Valleys of NW MT will see a very brief potential for freezing rain early Thursday, before transitioning over to rain as Thursday progresses. Snow showers will then occur Friday after a cold front crosses. Watch for valley impacts, including: changeable and slick road conditions, an increase in standing water/overland flooding, as well as stress to newborn livestock due to wet and cold conditions. Mountain passes will likely see light to moderate snow accumulations, leading to snow packed roadways, along with increased snow slide potential along some travel corridors.  yuck.

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