Happy Birthday MyLuke!

Today is my middle son’s birthday!


He is the most even tempered kid I have ever met. He never, I mean, NEVER loses his temper. Digital StillCamera


He is always the first to volunteer for a project or chore.

Digital StillCamera

He rarely raises his voice unless he is laughing. And he laughs really loudly. Really. Loudly. But when he laughs everyone else laughs too.


Digital StillCamera

When he was little, my husband and I used to pretend to fight over him. I’d pull him into my arms and say “my Luke!” And Tim would pull him out of my arms into his big chest and say “no, he’s my Luke!” Luke would giggle with delight. We played that game for years. Until one day I overheard him introducing himself to a new person at church as “MyLuke”. I guess he thought that was his real name.

We had to call him by his given name after that.


Just a few other little known facts about my middle son:

  1. He loves to read. You can find him with a stack of books wherever he goes.
  2. He grew really fast and tall in junior high and, just like all Seymour men, he grew facial hair at a young age. At 16 he was 6’2″ and could grow a full beard. He was the envy of every high school boy that year.
  3. He loves to eat. His favorite foods are meat (hamburgers and pork steaks) and green beans. I think green beans first.
  4. He could talk about John Steinbeck at nauseum.
  5. He loves to swim.
  6. He loves to fish.
  7. He wants to be a writer.


Happy Birthday Luke.

We love you!

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