Right now on the farm….

…. I’m sitting in the office with the window open to the southern pastures. It’s about 27 degrees and actually pretty nice. The air smells earthy and spring-like. I can hear the roosters call but it’s too dark to see the coop yet. It’s supposed to snow a bit later but the temperature is to stay above freezing. It’s early morning on a holiday and the house is still quiet. All but one are interred in their beds. Rachael had to report to work this morning even though it’s a holiday. She works at our local hospital in the Dino-Sore Sick Child Day Care. Nurses and other hospital workers have to work on holidays. And sometimes their little ones aren’t feeling well enough to play with the other day care kids. So the “not quite well” littles go to the DinoSore area and are pampered and loved on by Rachael. She’s been working there for a couple of years while she finishes up her general core classes at the local community college.

We have several inside projects to complete today which includes finishing the Christmas clean up. (Hey~ do not judge me! I have been infirmed so the Christmas decorations have had to wait. The tree we picked this year was a spruce so taking that thing down with all it’s sharp, dry,  should- have-been-taken- down- weeks- ago needles will be a punishing reminder to NOT wait this long next year. Besides, it’s only February. Ha!)

And I think I’m going to plant some seeds; just peppers and petunias. I usually wait until the end of March to start our future garden and then have to hold the peppers back from outside planting because they are too immature. Maybe I’ll time it right this year. A first!

But for now the house sleeps.

Stay tuned for updates.


Update: We played hookie today. My wonderful husband scooped us all up after Rachael’s work and the animal chores were completed and kidnapped us with a quick trip to Missoula. There we ate out (nice break for Momma!) and browsed for hours at Barnes and Noble. We don’t have any large bookstores here. We used to have a Border’s but we all know what happened to them 😦      What a nice surprise! AND the hens blessed us with 10 eggs! Bring on the egg onslaught!


Today’s count: o~ it’s still early. The hens aren’t up yet 🙂  10 eggs! We got 10!!!!

What’s for supper: Left overs~ sautee everything in butter with onions, throw into a warmed tortilla, smother with cheese, call it supper!

Weather: Washington’s Birthday~ Snow, mainly after 11am. High near 39. Light and variable wind becoming south southeast around 6 mph in the morning. Chance of precipitation is 100%. Total daytime snow accumulation of less than a half inch possible. Tonight showers. Snow level 4300 feet. Low around 31. Southwest wind 5 to 9 mph becoming light south. Chance of precipitation is 80%.

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