just another dreary day

With the weather turning cold and blustery, I am turning inward~ toward my home.

Home is always food. And loving people. Or I should say: people I am loving.




I’m also starting my garden in the basement. It’s early but I don’t care.

Of course in a couple of months I’ll be frustrated trying to wrangle root bound, leggy plants bursting from their small containers.

I’m starting tomatoes, peppers and petunias. Oh and snapdragons.

Snaps have a seed-to-bloom time of 120 days! That’s a long time! I have had pretty good experiences with peppers and tomatoes but I’ve not started flowers in the basement.

I am starving for color. Just the thought of beautiful blooms in a secret basement garden is a delicious daydream. More on that tomorrow.

One more note~ we have eggs!!! I think we are back in the egg business!


Willow will be so happy!


Today’s count: 16 eggs.

What’s for supper: Breaded pork chops with sweet potatoes and wedge salad with homemade blue cheese dressing.

Weather: Isolated snow showers after 11am. Partly sunny, with a high near 31. Calm wind. Chance of precipitation is 20%. Tonight a 20 percent chance of snow showers. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 8. Calm wind.

Published by Elizabeth

Flowers make people happy!

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