Today in two parts….

This morning started off chilly and overcast. So I planned an office day: filing, writing reports, filling out applications for farming grants. You know. Office stuff.

And, if I got all that done, I was going to trip down the stairs (well, not really trip down the stairs. That’s just a figure of speech. Remember the last time I “tripped” down the stairs? and finish painting the bathroom.


But suddenly, the sun broke out! There is a wonderful breeze out of the south. And not a cloud in the sky!


And the piglets woke from their slumber snuggled up next to Willow. And went for yet another “explore” in the pasture (these guys are so fat, I really don’t know HOW they are squeezing through the 7 inch cattle panel squares).


I need to stop painting and zip over to the barn to see if I can make a dent in the muddy milking stall. The mud is still deep but will dry out fast with this great weather.

We have a baby coming soon!

More later! I promise!

Update:  2153 (9:53 pm for those military-time-challenged)

Whew. Fun day! After the sun came out, I moseyed (moseyed, nothing! I RAN!) over to the barn to take a peek at Maisy and Maggie in the sunshine. Maisy politely gave me a look at her udder…..


….. which is filling but not tight like you’d expect with an eminent delivery. She’s actually due on May 16th. And last year she was 3 days late. So I’m guessing she will be pretty close to her due date.

Here’s the baby collar we use on the newborn calves. It helps to have something to hang onto when moving the calf from place to place. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

I can’t believe this tiny, little collar used to fit this toot.


The paddock is muddier than it looks in these pictures. The cows sink up to their ankles. The pastures still have standing water as well. And if I turned the cows out there, the fields would look just like this in days. I know “a guy” who is on standby to come out and scrape this paddock clean just as soon as he can get in here with his skid steer without getting stuck.


Just a little more patience.

In another few weeks, this mud will be a memory and we will be saying to each other~ “well that wasn’t so bad?”.  Ha!

I did work on mucking out the milking shed. The cows spent some time in there this winter when the east wind was so bad. Then I broke my ankle and couldn’t get back in there to clean it out before the extreme cold froze every bit of excrement to the barn floor. Now it’s a job. I’ll probably spend everyday this week in that shed getting it de- pooped.


Maggie was very helpful and walked in and out of the shed as I shoveled. She supervised and gave me her opinion (several times) about my work.


Here she is~ ambling over to me (again) to say “hello” in person and to share her ideas about the camera.

Whoa, girl.

She has no understanding of personal boundaries.


Today’s count: 38  42 eggs (I found a hen sitting on 4 more)~ almost time for milk!

What’s for supper: Pork sausage sauted with onions, potatoes and carrots then slipped under the broiler for a light crisping.

(Would you look at that! Highs in the sixties and lows, well, we won’t talk about the lows. But HIGHS IN THE SIXTIES! YIPPEE!)

Weather:  Mostly sunny, with a high near 62. South southeast wind 3 to 5 mph. Tonight mostly cloudy, with a low around 37. South southeast wind around 5 mph becoming calm in the evening.

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