Mother’s Day, part deux

Mother’s Day Two was chilly and overcast, just perfect weather for the few “things”  I needed to have accomplished in the garden before this next bout of rain started.

Rachael and Luke were my “personal mother’s day slaves”. Daniel was at school and then had baseball practice. He will get to be my slave at another time and location yet to be determined.

First up~ the pea fence. (Well, actually second. Luke and I planted potatoes last week. So the peas are the second item to go into the garden.)

I have a new mantra this summer: I. AM. GOING. TO. HAVE. GREAT. PRODUCE!

To ensure that I have “GREAT. PRODUCE.” we are amending the tar out of the soil.

Pretend you don’t see those random weeds taunting me with their presence. They were viciously removed  🙂

So I dug a trench, sprinkled a liberal amount of compost into the trench then sprinkled a liberal amount of slow release organic fertilizer which is mostly chicken based, as in feather meal, bone meal and dried manure. Ew. Then we stirred all that goodness together into a wonderful rich bed into which the pea babies will deeply push their roots.

After erecting the fence, Rach and Luke painstakingly planted the pea seeds, one at a time~ offset from the each other, about 8 inches apart.


It was a labor of love: because they both love me and because they both love peas.


Especially Rachael.


Give the pea patch LOTS of water and about 60 days of sunshine and we shall feast!

Now~ enough of gardening info for today.

Very special, exciting news tomorrow!

Stay tuned!!!!

Today’s count: 33 eggs.

What’s for supper: I don’t know yet but I think chicken chili~ YUM

Weather: A 20 percent chance of showers. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 60. Calm wind becoming southeast around 5 mph. Tonight partly cloudy, with a low around 39. South southeast wind around 5 mph becoming calm in the evening.

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