So a funny thing happened on the way to home plate.


He told me later that he thought the call was going to be close. And he needed to see the plate to make any “last minute maneuvers” so he would be safe. So he slide into home base head first. And he slid into the catcher. And he slid into the pitcher who was there to back up the catcher. He slid into all of them.

When the dust cleared, Daniel was on his back, not moving; as in, not getting up. There is nothing worse than seeing your kid laying flat out on the field, not moving.

Everything moves in slow motion after that. The coaches running onto the field. The other players taking a knee. The parents looking at you because it’s your kid and it just as easily could have been theirs.

My beloved moved quickly down to the dugout so he could be there when Daniel was brought in. Daniel was pale and his face was tense. But he walked off the field with one of the coaches holding his left arm so it wouldn’t move. He didn’t have feeling or a pulse in his left arm and his left shoulder deformity was distinctly obvious when they cut off his t- shirt. Tim stepped in and took over. Quietly talking to Daniel, encouraging him to focus and relax the muscles of his left arm, Tim gently manipulated his wrist and shoulder, slipping the bone back into the socket. His pulses and sensation were immediately restored. But by this time, Daniel was close to passing out. So he laid back in the dugout while I brought the car around.

We spent the next several hours in the ER.

X-rays revealed a clean dislocation: no bone fragments or other bony damage. But we don’t know about the soft tissue. Maybe just some rehab? Surgery? (Ooo I hope not.) The appointment with our family orthopedist next week will give us the next step (as a side note: who has a “family” orthopedist, I ask you? A family with lots of boys, I guess.)

I am forever thankful that my husband was with us today. A pulseless, numb limb is a true emergency, but Tim knew how to remedy the circumstances. The outcome could have been very different.

As far as the farm goes~ all is well.

The garden is weedy.

The piglets are fat and happy.

The calf is even fatter than the piglets and is starting to develop an attitude.

And the chickens are cranking out the eggs.

More tomorrow, I promise……


 Life in paradise.

Today’s count: 38 eggs and 3.5 gallons of milk. I was an hour late tonight so Maisy fussed at me the entire second milking.

What’s for supper: chicken and rice that I mixed together in the crock pot before the game. It was all bubbly and perfect when we came in from the hospital.

Weather: Tonight mostly clear, with a low around 53. Northwest wind 3 to 5 mph.

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