Windy but cooler today

Windy today but the temperatures are much cooler. I had to wear a sweatshirt to milk this morning. The cooler temps are welcome. It was kind of hot for the end of May/ beginning of June at almost 90. The flies are discouraged by the cooler weather and the breeze. No flies and lush grass, make for happy cows. And happy milk maids. 🙂SAM_7696.JPG

Phil is going through the same “lead lessons” that Maggie did so he will be easy to manage at 1200 pounds. SAM_7692.JPG

He gets his turn at momma as soon as I finish milking. He doesn’t like it. But it’s good for him to learn patience. SAM_7691.JPG

He is so sweet. His coloring is light-ish~ more like his Jersey mother than his Angus father.

The piglets are cute sleeping in a big pig pile snuggled up next to Willow. But they are impossible to sneak up on. They hear me coming with those big wonderful ears and come running. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

This one in particular is very vocal. He demands Maisy milk in a high piercing squeal. Then fusses at me through the fence when I come out empty handed. SAM_7745.JPG

We have an egg-eater in the coop. Several eggs have had holes pecked in them making them only good for the piglets. (Of course, the pigs aren’t complaining. They might even be encouraging the “eater” to peck more eggs so they can have even MORE than they already get!) I’m not sure if it’s another chicken or an egg-eating magpie. I’ve seen several magpies swirling around the coop this spring. Plus I’ve heard of magpies raiding chicken nests for eggs. The eggs aren’t being stepped on because they aren’t crushed.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

They just have a hole in the top and some of the insides look like they have been slurped out. So I send an egg collector out to the hen house more frequently during the day. Maybe if there are no eggs, the “eater” will get discouraged and go away. I hope so. We love our eggs and so do our clients.

Which reminds me~ I’d better get out there.

Life in paradise!

Today’s count: 33 eggs. 3.5 gals milk

What’s for supper: Cabbage with sauted polish sausage and potatoes. Mmmmm.

Weather: A 20 percent chance of showers before noon. Partly sunny, with a high near 66. South southwest wind 7 to 13 mph. Tonight partly cloudy, with a low around 43. West southwest wind 8 to 13 mph becoming light southwest after midnight.

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