Oops~ forgot the title before publishing

We had several days of cool rain and very moderate temperatures. Perfect for the growing garden. And growing piglets.

SAM_7810 (2).JPG
Trying to wait patiently for breakfast. Lots of fussing going on because I wasn’t moving fast enough 🙂

The barn was sparkling in this morning’s early light.


Maisy was sparkling too.

SAM_7801 (2).JPG

The grass looks almost lime green.  Well, lemon green.

I STILL haven’t finished planting all our vegetables. I guess this is going to be a “progressive” gardening year (remember those progressive dinners that were so popular in the 80’s and early 90’s?). I did, however, get all the flower transplants snuggled into their garden homes.

These snapdragons look so small

I have several more successive plantings of ProCut sunflowers seeds and more calendulas, but otherwise, it’s just weeding until the first harvest. I’m pretty sure we won’t have any flowers for the market now until mid to late July. This summer, though starting very warm with temperatures in the high 80’s in May, has turned off a bit cool. Gardening in Montana is such a fun challenge. (And I mean that in the most positive way! How boring it would be if every summer were the same as the last? I mean, really~ tomatoes EVERY summer? Boring!)

The green beans are up and should take off now. You can almost hear them growing!SAM_7789 (2).JPG

Potatoes are a little weedy. It’s a bit hard to tell which are pots and which are weeds. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

And remember when we had that 34 degree night? Well, I guess the pots did get nipped a little after all. They should be ok. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Squash is up.



But the chard and kale have yet to make an appearance.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


We are going out to the Park (GNP) to celebrate Father’s Day this evening. We didn’t get a chance to celebrate yesterday. Too many kids were working or playing baseball. So we are piling the dogs and kids into the SUV after baseball practice (and Rachael’s job) and heading out to start a campfire and “burn” some meat for the ol’ man 🙂

Can’t wait!


Paradise~ just north of nowhere


Today’s count: 23 38 eggs.   3.5  gallons of milk.

What’s for supper: Beef steaks on the grill with pasta salad.

Weather: Mostly sunny, with a high near 80. South southeast wind 3 to 6 mph. Tonight partly cloudy, with a low around 54. South southeast wind around 6 mph becoming calm in the evening.


Published by Elizabeth

Flowers make people happy!

3 thoughts on “Oops~ forgot the title before publishing

  1. Awe I missed you! Everything looks great! I can actually tell there’s growth out there! We’ve had heavy rain today. Glad yal will be enjoying family time. Not taking pigs, cows and chickens??🤔 Heehee. Don’t wait so long to show your stuff! All looks good out there in “North of Nowhere.” Love you💕

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    1. Man, we are SO busy! It’s really a conundrum- we are not quite so busy in the winter and therefore have a little more time to blog but run out of things to blog about. In the summer we have great things happening on the farm but no time to get to the computer!

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