All is well on the northwestern front

It’s been a fairly coolish summer so far, much to my pleasure. But we are expecting a heat wave starting Wednesday with highs in the 90’s. Though I’m from Texas, I’m a big baby in the heat anymore. It IS a dry heat. But 95 is still 95. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

We try and start our day’s chores early in the morning when we are still wearing sweatshirts and hide inside when the temperatures start to become too hot. That means we’ll be hiding in the house at around 1 until 7 or so. We have PLENTY of work to do in the house to keep us occupied.

I have to move the fencing for the cows so they can have access to the shade of the barn. I see them standing out in the pasture in all sorts of weather~ so I’m not sure they will want to be close to the barn. The shade would be nice but then they would be out of the breeze. The flies are starting to make an appearance so the breeze might be welcome even if it’s hot. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Phil is growing like a milk chocolate colored weed. He is just about 8 weeks old and a quick palpate this morning confirmed his boy parts are all descended and ready for banding. I have to make a trip to the feed store for supplies on Wednesday.

Oh my goodness he loves his momma. At least he loves his momma’s milk. Can you see that dreamy look of contentedness on his face? And a bit of a moustache too.

SAM_7840 (2).JPG


The chickens are hanging out in the shade but in the breeze. They’re not dumb clucks!SAM_7851.JPG

This girl has been trying for a month to hatch her some babies, but none of the gazillion eggs under her have hatched. She’s starting to look a bit ragged. So I think I’m going to move her off the nest in the morning so she can stretch her legs and get more than just a quick mouthful of feed and water. These sweet biddies get their feelings hurt when I move them off their nests and they sulk around the chicken yard for a couple of hours before returning. But this gives them time to get a bite to eat and a beverage of their choice before returning to the thankless job of hatching eggs. In this case, I don’t think any of the eggs are viable. I’ll pull them out of the nest and dispose of them. Then she can start over with a new (hopefully fertile) group of eggs, if she wants to, that is.

In the meantime~ here is a pic of our latest trip to GNP. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


Doesn’t that look lovely?

I’m going to stare at this photo all week and pretend my toes are dangling over the edge of the dock.

Maybe, after all our chores are completed and the animals are full and happy and the grass is cut and the clothes are clean and put away~ maybe just maybe the kids and I will make the quick trip out to McDonald Lake and REALLY cool our toes!




Today’s count: 38 eggs, 2.5 gallons of milk

What’s for supper: Chicken fajitas

Weather: Sunny, with a high near 86. Calm wind becoming south southeast 5 to 7 mph in the morning. Tonight clear, with a low around 50. West wind 6 to 11 mph becoming light and variable in the evening. Winds could gust as high as 20 mph.

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4 thoughts on “All is well on the northwestern front

  1. I love it, I love it, I love it!!! They all look good and Phil IS GETTING BIG! Wow! Miss you guys and all the action and scenery!! Dinner sounds GOOD!!! Dear chickens, RUN FOR THE MOUNTAINS AND DON’T LOOK BACK!!!!

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  2. You are SO LUCKY to have Glacier National Park as your back yard. I’ve been to the park several times and never wanted to leave. Enjoy GNP to it’s fullest and have a happy Independence Day!

    Liked by 1 person

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