dog days

The severe heat has passed and we are experiencing more “normal” temperatures. We’ve rolled into a summer routine that consists of milking, feeding of the ‘mules (animals), feeding of the children before they scatter to their prospective places (work, school, baseball, an assortment of all) then any chores that demand immediate attention: IE weeding the garden before it’s completely taken over by pigweed, band the boy calf, laundry, gathering eggs, the next meal…..putting out fires, you know~ things.

Then in the evening, doing the same, but backwards~ putting out fires, feeding the kids, feeding the ‘mules, putting Phil to bed, the all-important glass of wine, putting me to bed~ at last.



We got our first zucchini! Yay! Of course there will be a barrage of this squash going forward. And that’s OK. In the deepest part of winter, I will pull out a shredded bag of zucchini from the freezer and remember the summer bounty.



I think I mentioned that I am growing more flowers in this year’s garden.


The snapdragons are coming along nicely. The stem lengths are beginning to extend past 18 inches. I guess 18 inches plus is the “prefered” stem length for bouquets, etc.


We also are picking loads of raspberries. The first fruits of the year are the best~ the berries just seem to explode sweetness in your mouth with every bite.


These are destined for jelly.

I think tomorrow we are venturing out to pick huckleberries. We have a super- secret- never-fail-tell-no-one spot for picking berries. (If I told you where the berry patch was located, I would have to kill EVERYONE! So no telling!)

Then the rest of the weekend, starting Thursday, will be filled with baseball. Daniel’s legion team will be hosting this year’s district tournament. So we will be at the fields either watching baseball or helping with baseball. So the daily chores will be completed with speed and accuracy! Well, maybe just speed.

More tomorrow!!!


Paradise~ just north of nowhere.

What’s for supper: Sausage burgers! We are heading out to the Park to have sausage burgers on the grill! Yay!

Today’s count: 38 eggs, 1.5 gallons of milk. Hmmmm~ not sure what’s going on with Maisy. Her milk supply is low. I wonder if she’s getting ready to go into heat for the first time since Phil was born. I’ve notice that her heat cycles drop her milk production a bit.

Weather: Sunny, with a high near 84. South southeast wind around 6 mph. Tonight mostly clear, with a low around 49. South southeast wind around 6 mph becoming calm in the evening.

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Flowers make people happy!

6 thoughts on “dog days

  1. Picking our zucchini now, too. Shared some with a neighbor. She said she already made two loaves of zucchini bread. Our garden is coming along. Ambrosia melons doing well. Green beans blooming. Beautiful Snapdragons. The white ones set off the colored. Your berries are luscious. Homemade bread and jelly. Yum! It was day 8 for splitting wood. The pile is almost finished. Then one more load coming. We work hard and enjoy all the results during the winter. Summer is speeding up.

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    1. Ha! I had to look up ambrosia melon! We,or I, can’t grow any sort of melon. I have tried for YEARS! The season is too short and the nights too chilly. Tomatoes are iffy too. So is corn. But I can grow a mean cabbage and potato! Have a great evening, Bev!


  2. On the melons we use starts. There are only a few things we start from seed. We get our corn seed from Johnny’s Selected Seeds in Maine. It is an extra super sweet. It has been developed for a short season. Matures in 81 days. It does not grow tall. We use about two cord of wood a season. We have a wood stove, not a fireplace, that helps. We are seniors so we pace ourselves. Several hours in the a.m. before it gets hot. Take care, we are enjoying seeing all the bounty from your home. We have always believed in taking charge of our food source. Love seeing that you feel the same.

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  3. Oh I LOVE Johnny’s Seeds! Much of what we grow we get from them. Like you guys, I start a lot of our future garden in our “basement garden” in the winter. By Feb or so, I REALLY need a green fix. So my husband fixed up a “garden” space in our basement where I can plant little starts under lights. I can wander down there in the depths of winter and tend to little green shoots and dream of the summer bounty. I’ve tried a couple of types of corn over the years~ some have been successful in some years but not in others. For instance, three summers ago, we got about 10 days of luscious corn from Trinity, but last year it didn’t make. (Of course it didn’t help that we had a terrible hail storm in the middle of July.) The most consistent production of corn was Yukon Chief. It comes from The Denali Seed Co. It’s harvest time is 78 days! But it takes up a lot of room and the ears were only about 4-5 inches long. So if we realllly wanted corn, I would grow the Yukon Chief. But this year we chose to use the space for more “sure thing” veggies.

    But everything is blooming! Green beans, potatoes, squash, the greens are coming up….. I see good food in our future!
    What types of veggies (besides ‘lopes) do you guys grow? What is your most successful garden produce?


  4. So excited for your fruits, veggies, baseball… I hope you are not having to compete with the bears for the berries!! Be careful!! We watch The Bush Family!! We know about the bears and I’m not talking about the hungry bears IN your house!! 🙂 I can visualize your beautiful long stem flowers in someones house or church !!! 🙂 Congrats Daniel on a good baseball season and for goodness sake Aunt Margie says BE CAREFUL!! I love you all and miss you!!! Love the blogs Liz! Hugs to all and throw kisses to the animals!!

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